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First ever physics textbook written in Igbo language goes for sale


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Mr Ogbonnaya Mark Okoro, a former translator for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Igbo Service and author of numerous novels on Igbo culture, has announced the completion of the first ever physics text written in Igbo language.

NewsBand had reported last December that Okoro in a post on his official X handle disclosed that by 2024, he will be done translating modern physics textbook into Igbo language.

Ogbonnaya noted that he doesn’t care if the work will be valued now but he is only looking at the future.

The prolific linguistic added that all his works will be valued in the future when the people will decide to think back home.

Ogbonnaya speaking further on the project said, “There are many things I do in secret, only time will reveal and this is one of them.

“I should be getting my Physics textbook done by 2024 in Igbo Language. I have started earlier. After that, we move unto other STEM courses.

“I don’t care if it will be valued now, but I see the future. All my works will be valued in the future when our people will decide to think back home.”

However, while officially announcing the completion of the project on Wednesday, Okoro said, “The first ever Physics textbook rendered in Nigerian language (Igbo) is OUT!!!!

“Over the years, I have read so many threats facing the Igbo and how it will go extinct. This motivated me to embark on this project that seemed unattainable, for science subjects to be taught in Igbo. I started from Physics. I said I would do it, and I DID IT.

“This book is designed in a way that one without formal education can understand Physics. It’s needed in all libraries, schools, homes and for individual use.

“To get the book directly from me: WhatsApp 07026333066; Email: okoromarkogbonnaya@gmail.com

“Zenith Bank
Mark Ogbonnaya Okoro

“A copy is ₦9,500.


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