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Final Word: Nigeria’s Unity Will Be Decided By Who Has Sovereignty


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08 January 2023


The final word on the longstanding “Nigerian Question” is that Nigeria’s unity will be decided by who has Sovereignty. That is correct. That is the way it should be and is heading to be.


To get a good understanding of the situation, let us define “Nigeria”. Nigeria is a Structure that creates a certain type of environment, and it is an Anglo-Caliphate Structure. However, that Structure called “Nigeria” was placed on top of lands belonging to the indigenous Ethnic Nations within it. So, imagine a situation where you have inherited land from your father. A stranger comes along and without your permission builds an enormous Structure on your land, and begins to live there as if the land is his. The Structure is his, but not the land – that is what “Nigeria” is. But there is more. That landless squatter who built his Structure on your land wants to own that land, and wants to conquer you and kill your children so that his children will now be the new owners of your inherited land. His plan is that you will be stopped from demolishing the unlawful Structure he placed on your land because he will use it to conquer you. Therefore he bribes traitors from your extended family to help him guard his Structure, and you must be prevented from dividing your land into smaller parcels as that would mean demolishing his Structure which spreads widely across your land. (To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done!)


You ask: How did all this happen? Well, here is the answer. Prior to Independence in 1960, the Owners of the land, that is, the indigenous Ethnic Nations agreed to bring themselves and their lands into a political Union made up of three Regions (then later four), and they agreed on having Autonomy (Self-Determination) so the Structure they built in agreement was a FEDERATION, and they kept the name “Nigeria” that Lugard had given the area.

However, with the help of Britain, one of them, the immigrant settler Fulani who brought nothing to the Union, no land, no money, no resources – had a different Agenda from the indigenous Ethnic Nations, an Agenda of Conquest and that Nigeria would be turned into the “estate” of the Fulani (this is Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of 1960). Thereby making it clear that the land belonging to indigenous Ethnic nations and its rich resources is what the Fulani are after. With the help of “flawed characters” ie the Willing Tools from among the indigenous peoples, and through MANUFACTURED CRISES and FALSE NARRATIVES and CORRUPTION, the Fulani Caliphate was able to keep Nigeria unstable and thus easier to control and conquer.

When in January 1967 it looked as if the Aburi Accord could actually fix Nigeria by giving more autonomy to the indigenous peoples, Gowon unilaterally reneged on that Agreement reached at Aburi, also massacres of Southerners were carried out, which all quite predictably led to war, the Biafra Genocide that ostensibly ended in 1970. Since that time Nigeria has defied development, millions have fled it to settle abroad for “a good life”, and the massacres of defenceless indigenous peoples by armed Fulani for land grabbing has intensified and spread out.


The Fulani conquest of the area that was to be known as “Nigeria” started in 1804 with Usman Dan Fodio, so is still young and is not yet complete by any means. Therefore, the ONLY reason that Fulani are able to dominate in Nigeria is because the Forgery called 1999 Constitution that empowers them, is in operation. They have not (yet) managed to overrun ANY of the indigenous Ethnic Nations, not even the Hausa whose conquest they started 200 years ago, so as to become the PERMANENT owners of any part of Nigeria. So, let it be stressed that the powers and ability to dominate that Fulani have over indigenous peoples come ONLY from that 1999 Constitution. They seem successful because Willing Tools help by hiding the truth that SOVEREIGNTY belongs with the indigenous Ethnic Nations, not with the political class, and certainly not with the Fulani. Willing Tools are those who Enforce the 1999 Constitution, and they give it life through the elections process, when the winner swears an Oath of Office to uphold and defend it. Thus, Willing Tools are that entire group of indigenous people who put themselves out as candidates for political office whether they win or not, and vie for, or became your:

  • Presidents and Vice Presidents
    • Cabinet Ministers
    • Senators
    • Representatives
    • State Governors and Deputy Governors
    • Members of State House of Assembly,
    • Commissioners
    • Local Government Area Chairpersons
    • Special Advisers
    • Judges
    • Top civil servants

    Willing Tools are also the Proprietors and Promoters of Political Parties at national, state, local government, and ward levels – for they all SUBSCRIBE to the fraudulent 1999 Constitution.

As explained earlier, “Nigeria” is a Structure sitting on top of the lands of indigenous Ethnic Nations. The Unitary Nigeria we see is a creation of the 1999 Constitution, and it is that 1999 Constitution that creates the environment that makes Nigerians suffer, it keeps their present and future LOCKED DOWN (via the Exclusive List), and it empowers the Fulani Conquest Agenda.


NINAS, the conscious voice of indigenous peoples of the non-Sharia areas, knowing that Sovereignty is an inalienable right of indigenous Ethnic Nations has been exercising Sovereignty since 1999, in work that Repudiates and Delegitimizes the 1999 Forgery (Constitution), culminating in the 16 December 2020 Declaration of Constitutional Force Majeure that initiated the Enforcement Phase of Decommissioning of the 1999 Constitution. In fact, NINAS is credited for the Sovereignty Consciousness now seen growing among Nigerians.


Unitary Nigeria (aka One-Nigeria) is not the Union agreed to at Independence, it is a Counterfeit (like the 1999 Constitution). Frighteningly, it is a worsening Union of Death. Even though “the North” as the Fulani like to describe themselves, insists that Nigeria’s unity is “settled” or “indivisible” or “indissoluble” – that is simply an OPINION by those who have no Sovereignty at all over the non-Sharia, NINAS Territory. The REALITY is that Sovereignty belongs to the indigenous Ethnic Nations over their ancestral lands and THEY therefore are the only ones who have the authority to decide the future they want for themselves. For, a Forgery, cannot be the basis of any Union. So, the final word is that Nigeria’s Unity will be decided by who has Sovereignty. That 1999 Constitution has been tolerated, but now that it is empowering the slaughter of indigenous peoples being reported daily, there is a great urgency to enter Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation and termination of that 1999 Constitution. Transitioning means there will be no vacuum and is an ORDERLY PROCESS. The outcome can be either a Federation, a Confederation, or independent Successor Countries.



Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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