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Exposed: How NIMC personnel are fleecing Oyigbo residents ~ Investigation

Since the Federal government of Nigeria announced that telecom subscribers whose mobile numbers are not linked to their National Identity Number will be blocked, thousands of Nigerians have besieged the various offices of NIMC across the federation in other to beat the timeline given by the government. 


But it seems corruption is taking a bigger part of the entire exercise. As usual, it has become a case of ‘whom do you know’ and ‘how much one can bring to the table’.


Moreover, If what is happening at the enrollment centre of the National Identity Management Commission in Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State is allowed to fester beyond what it is now, then some unscrupulous NIMC officials will end up fleecing Oyigbo residents to death.


Investigation by ElombahNews reveals that the NIMC enrollment centre which is located at Saint Paul’s Catholic church is somewhat swimming in a very disturbing corruption.


Some sources who doesn’t want their names to be mentioned because of security reasons authoritatively told ElombahNews that they were forced to buy a form where their details will be first entered before proper capturing will be done with the computer.


“When we got to the enrollment centre, the security men we met at the gate ordered us to obtain a form before any other thing. The crowd was uncontrollable and people were buying so as to get registered. The form was sold for 100 to 200 naira depending on one’s ability to negotiate”.


“They even asked me to pay the sum of 3000 naira if I want to get my National Identity Number as soon as possible”, a source laments.


Another source said, “I spent the entire day under the sun hoping to get enrolled but to no avail. Even most of us came here as early as 5am in the morning but the officials could not attend to us because we do not have money to bribe them.”


However, there are questions which are begging for answers. The so called security/gatemen orchestrating this fraud, what right do they have to sell the controversial form in question? As security men, are they even supposed to be in control of the form? And did the government ask them to sell form to Nigerians? Whose order are they executing?


Further investigation shows that NIMC officials decided to play a fast game. Instead of selling the form directly to the people, they hastly ferried it to the security men to sell on their behalf, therefore giving the false impression that they know nothing about the fraud. Those security men can’t be acting without the express approval of NIMC personnel.


The National Identity Management Commission must act now and stop those officials fleecing Oyigbo residents for their own selfish gain.

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