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Europe made critical error over AstraZeneca vaccine


With Europe in the grip of a fourth Covid wave (you can check the latest rates of cases and vaccinations – Europe is now in the midst of a fourth wave of coronavirus.

Currently, European countries are racing to vaccinate amid rising Covid-19 cases and lockdowns.

A comparison show very high latest case surges and vaccination rates across Europe as the fourth wave hits.

In the past week alone, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway and other northern European countries have recorded their highest case rates since the pandemic began.

The winter months, according to surveys, will be a testing time.

Meanwhile, Britain is faring better than many of its neighbours – thanks, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard argues, to its pandemic strategy and the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Macron and the EU were too quick to mock Britain’s pandemic strategy and the AstraZeneca vaccine which has seen them crawling at the mercy of the virus.

Europe faces a winter of hell as a fourth Covid wave collides with the most serious energy supply crisis this century, health sources say.

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