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Ethiopian Airlines orders new 84 Boeing, Airbus aircrafts


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Ethiopian Airlines says it has signed agreements to acquire a total of 84 Boeing and Airbus passenger aircrafts to achieve its 2035 Strategy.

Ethiopian Airlines CEO Mesfin Tasew disclosed this to Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), saying the move is part of their significant expansion of the airline’s passengers’ fleet in line with its Vision 2035 Strategic Roadmap to transform the airline into a global aviation powerhouse.

Tasew said: “The airline ordered a total of 84 passenger aircrafts to increase its fleet, route, and replace ageing ones in order to achieve its growth strategy.

“The new aircraft, comprising 67 Boeing airplanes and 17 Airbus aircraft, will play a crucial role in expanding Ethiopian’s network, enhancing operational efficiency, and replacing the aging ones.

“These two groups of air planes added together form 84 aircrafts.”

According to the CEO, adding these aircrafts to the existing 140 passenger airplanes is a milestone decision that will significantly contribute to the strategic growth of the airlines.

“Ethiopian Airlines decided to make this order to continue its growth strategy in line with its Vision 2035 Strategic Roadmap,” he added.

“So, it is in line with our long-term strategy. We are just ordering these airplanes to enhance our fleet size and at the same time to replace some of the airplanes that are ageing…

“Our vision 2035 is a fast growth strategy. It requires us to operate more aircrafts to open new routes throughout the world and to expand our operation.

“That is what we are doing and as we grow, it means we become more competitive in the global air transport industry. So, that is why we wanted to grow.”

Tasew stressed that based on the strategy, the airline wants to reach a fleet of 271 aircrafts of different sizes after 13 years.

He further noted that the expansion is a testament to the airline’s unwavering commitment to innovation, customer service, and sustainable growth. Read more.

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