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Eight takeaways from Peter Obi’s world press conference in Abuja

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The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, on Thursday, made some remarkable comments during a world press conference which saw a houseful of observers in attendance.

Mr. Peter Obi had held the press conference at Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja wherein he categorically stated that he won the election and that he will go to court, up till the Supreme Court, to reclaim his mandate.

Below are some significant comments attributed to the former governor of Anambra State:

  1. We won the election and we will prove it.

    Peter Obi said that he and his party won the election and that he will prove it in court. He expressed strong conviction that the judiciary will strive to redeem its battered image and correct the political rascality perpetrated by the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the February 25, 2023.

    A minute of silence for the dead and injured as Peter Obi flanked by campaign Director General, Party chairman, Julius Abure, others
  2. You can’t build peace on a faulty foundation.

    The Labour Party’s flag bearer faulted the foundation upon which the recent election was built, which is the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and affirmed that peace cannot be built on such faulty foundation. He, therefore, insisted that the electoral process may have only succeeded in sowing seeds of discord and harmony among Nigerians.

  3. Go out on Saturday, 11th March 2023, vote for Labour Party.

    When asked what his disposition is towards the upcoming governorship and State Assemblies election following the stream of apparent irregularities and abnormalities that marred the electoral process, Obi urged Nigerians to, undeterred, go out and vote massively. He urged Labour Party members and other disenchanted Nigerians to go out on March 11 and vote for Labour Party.

    Senator-elect Victor Umeh at the conference
  4. Am not going away, I will be with you till the day breaks.

    Pleading with Nigerian youths who seem bent upon abandoning the country, popularly known as “Japa”, Peter Obi urged Nigerians to stay put and that he will also stay behind and works towards a new Nigeria “till the day breaks”.

  5. I am challenging the process and I have not called anybody.

    Peter Obi vowed to challenging the process the gave birth to the result of the 2023 presidential election and when asked if he has called and congratulated Tinubu as the president-elect, he said: “I have not called anybody”.

    Labour Party leadership
  6. They will be here, the corrupt structure, at daybreak.

    He also noted that the corrupt structure until the day of a new Nigeria breaks on the system but admitted that it would be one of a herculean task.

  7. If you want to be called your excellency, you will first of all go through an excellent process.

    Obi further discountenanced the notion of calling certain politicians “Your Excellency” after they were brought to power by a faulty process. He insisted that for one to be called “Your Excellency”, one needs first of all to go through an excellent process.

    Singing of the closing National Anthem
  8. This is a long journey, but I will go with you and victory is assured.

    Peter Obi expressed understanding that the new Nigeria story will be a long journey but that he will lead the battle and that, just like a bright light at the end of a tunnel, victory is assured.

At the end of the fifty-minute interactive form, an attendee exclaimed that “this is more than a press conference” as journalists were seen crying, clapping, jubilating and cheering him on, calling him “my president”.

Man displays “INEC is an enemy of the Nigerian Democracy” banner shortly after the conference

Obi was nearly mobbed when an unprecedented number of supporters spotted him after the press conference and rushed to either have a chat, a handshake or even a selfie with the man of the moment.

Rants of “Obi”, “Obi”, “Obi”, rented the air as security officials forced him into a waiting lift into safety. Read more.


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