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DSS Arrest Of Sen. Abaribe & Implications On Economy

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

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As The great Democrat remain detained! Yes, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is still with the DSS!

His arrest remain one of the lowest point of our Democracy!

The style of his arrest represents threat to our Stock market and our economy!

Arresting a serving senator instead of inviting him for questioning if any , shows that the handlers of Security Architecture our country are yet to understand the effects of their mode of arrest and utterances on our Political -Economy  !

When you go after our Nation’s serving senator like a common criminal, you send panic to our economy via her financial sector .

Shock is one of the major ingredients that clashes Nation’s Stock market !

Investors need confidence and not panic !

A Senator is a member of our Country’s higher law making body . He is not above the law , but when you chase a man you can easily invite to come for clarifications like a Common criminal , you create both economic and political panic for our country’s financial sector and Democracy set up .

We need to sensitize our security agencies on impact of their actions and inactions on our Political -Economy !

Mr President , this type of moves do not help our polity ! You may think that they are helping your personal political interests  , but one’s personal Political interest can’t survive when the that’s of the entire Nation goes down !

The economy of the Nation is at stake !

Our Democracy is at stake !

It is not about PDP or APC !

It is not about Ndi Igbo , Hausa , Yoruba or any other tribe !

It is not about Buhari or Saraki!

Not about Senate or Executive !

It is about our Democracy and Political Economy !

The survival of the entire polity is at stake !

Let’s begin to see bigger damages than politics !




Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia ©2018

Abuja, Nigeria

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