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Drama as Omirhobo upset Supreme Court after appearing in traditionalists’ religious attire


Chief Malcolm E. Omirhobo, on Thursday, upsets the proceedings of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in Abuja after appearing in his traditionalists’ religious attire instead of the traditional western suit and wig.

Chief Malcolm E. Omirhobo, it was gathered, made the appearance following the apex court’s ruling on Hijab that authorises Muslims to dress in hijab while appearing in secular places such as schools, courts, et al.

According to our correspondent who witnessed the drama staged and showcased by Chief Omirhobo, he had the day as the Supreme was astounded, astonished and short of words.

He noted that the air was heavy today in supreme court as the Supreme court was forced to go into recess to reconstitute because of the man and his attire.

According to reports, when he entered, the apex court justices had already gone on recess, hence he entered before the justices reconvened from recess and met him seated in the open court like a voodoo ritualist from Haiti.

The astounded Justices, who were visibly shaken and shocked, pretended that nothing was amiss, never contended, and carried on as if all was well.

After hearing one appeal which it struck out for an invalid notice of appeal, they then quickly embarked on another compulsory recess because of Chief Malcolm.

Our correspondent said: “He (Chief Malcolm E. Omirhobo) had disrupted the Supreme Court’s sitting today 23/6/2022 without saying a word or taking action.

“Just a message he passed kept restless. And the supreme court uttered no word. They just go up and left.

“The world covered the events including lawyers in the court.

“Let the Supreme Court Justices go and wear their thinking cap of the message passed by Chief Malcolm today on the purport of the hijab judgement its danger thereof.

“Heaven will not fall. In an illegal country, it is full hardy to be religiously calm.

“The import of the hijab judgement is that lawyers can dress in their traditional or religious apparels to courts and schools.

“Chief is a traditionalist and he decided to appear on Delta traditional attire in Supreme Court today.”

Addressing newsmen after the proceeding on what prompted his dressing, Omirhobo said that he merely exercised his fundamental human right.

He said that the court has recognised his apparel and that no one can take it away from him, not even President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to him, the spirits he serves directed him to dress that way, failure of which he would be killed and he has no option than to obey as a religious person.

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