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Debt Service suspension not enough, grant Africa debt relief, Buhari tells world leaders


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President Muhammadu Buhari, Tuesday in Paris, France, called on European countries and global financial institutions to consider reducing devastating effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on African economies by restructuring debt portfolios.

President Buhari opted for complete reliefs, and releasing vaccines to the continent, which is still behind in protecting majority of its citizens.

The President, who spoke at the Financing Africa Summit held at Grande Palais Ephemere, said the fall in commodity prices as Covid-19 took a toll on the global economy further slowed growth in some countries and strained health facilities.

“It is in this vein that we solicit the support of the French government with its influence in the European Union to lend its voice to the efforts being made to mobilize additional resources for developing economies, most especially Africa in order to strengthen the quantum of investments to our economies.

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“This financial support should also be extended to the private sector,” he said.

Speaking further, Buhari told the world leaders including France, the entire G20, EU and global financial institutions to do more to support African countries to mitigate the social and economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Debt restructuring and relief, fair and equitable vaccine distribution—these and more should be on the table, he said.

“The Debt Service suspension by France and the G-20 does not go far enough.

“African countries need more by way of sustainable and affordable financing solutions, including debt relief, and very importantly, financing support for green energy investment,” he noted.

The President said the European Union should encourage fair and equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines in less developed countries, and promote the establishment of manufacturing facilities.

According to him, many African countries were already experiencing debt distress and the Debt Service Suspension by France and G-20 does not go far enough.

He added that there was need for more sustainable and affordable financing solutions, including debt relief and further debt restructuring.

On the Paris Agreement for Climate Change, President Buhari noted that African countries would need financial support for green energy investment and COP-26.

He said Nigeria will refocus on gas, while adopting a Strategic Revenue Growth Initiative.

On the theme of “Africa Private Sector — Reforms – Infrastructure’’, President said Public Private Partnership (PPP) will be fully explored to ensure more precision in development, cutting down waste and reducing chances of corruption.

“The government intends to leverage on Public Private Partnership to bolster its job creation, and anti-corruption drive.

“In terms of job creation, Nigeria has an abundant labour force since 30.5 percent of its population is between the ages of 25 and 54,” said Buhari.

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