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Dazzling story of how I became a renowned ethical hacker — Charles Awuzie


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South Africa-based ethical hacker, Mr. Charles Awuzie, has recounted his incredible story of how he became a renowned champion in his field.

The report was based on a bio he submitted recently to a commonwealth organization. He wrote in part:

“To have access to a computer as a teenager, I used to walk 4 hours, from my village to Ohanku Road by Ngwa Road, Aba [in Abia State], a distance of over 65 kilometers.

“I would tell my father that I was going for a prayer service (that was the only way to get money N100 from him) and he would give me N100 for transportation which I would save to pay for 2 hours access to a computer at a public cybercafe.

“When my 2 hours expires, I would volunteer to work for the owner of the cyber-cafe in exchange for free internet surfing at any free computer. It was during this time that I learnt how to by-pass the cybercafe billing system.

“When the owner of the cybercafe realized that I had figured out how to bypass the billing system and I could browse the internet for free, he did something amazing. He employed me and made me manager of his cybercafe.

“He was a deportee from America and had me share his apartment if I worked into the night or during “All night browsing”. He introduced me to computer programming, and I started building websites for churches and organizations.

“Later on, I got admission to study Biochemistry at Abia State university. As a student, I walked pass the Admin block to the faculty of science (Science Block) every day. The Admin building housed a server room.

“Each time I walked pass that server room, I desired to work inside it. So, one day, I met the guy who provided technical support for the server room.

“I explained to him how vulnerable the university’s IT infrastructures were and how easily a criminal hacker can break in, upgrade results or edit student information.

The guy was shocked at how much I knew and he asked me to work secretly with him in order to protect the systems. (I believe he was called Ino or something like that. A tall fair guy who lived around Umuzegem, Okigwe).

“It was from then that I realized that I could earn an honest living from helping to protect computer systems, networks or applications.

“I lost interest in my course of study, Biochemistry and started studying cybersecurity online.

“Today, multiple government agencies, international organizations, financial institutions, corporate organizations, etc., pay me to provide cybersecurity training and services to their organizations.

“My business employs the smartest ethical hackers who work from across the world to provide ethical hacking services to our clients across Africa.

“If you are a business owner and afraid that your network or systems are compromised, you are free to reach out.

“Looking back, it all began with a boy walking 4 hours from his village to have access to the internet. Today, I am one of the few African Technologists on several Respected boards and councils including the Forbes Business Council.

“If you stick to your passion, you will build an empire,” he added.

According to Forbes, Charles Awuzie, the CEO and CTO of Gemsbok Group and Transhuman Coin based in South Africa, is a driven IT entrepreneur, Blockchain Developer, Executive Cybersecurity Consultant and Biotech Investor.

He is currently leading a team of Scientists in a project that seeks to merge Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Biotechnology with the blockchain to solve genetic disorders and other chronic diseases.

“I am available to answer your Cybersecurity questions, brainstorm on Biotech ideas and discuss the economy of the metaverse,” he said.

His skills include Information Security Business Development and Partnerships.

His company, Gemsbok Group and Transhuman Coin, info reads:

“Gemsbok Group, in partnership with Cisco, Axiz, HP, IBM, etc., has provided governments and private sectors with cutting edge technologies to drive change, improve processes, and secure networks.

“We are also invested in real estate, energy and healthcare. Gemsbok Group owns Sahara Skills which has been labelled Africa’s alternative to Fiverr.”

His area of focus involves information technology, biotechnology and energy, while the industry proper is information technology and services. Read more.


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