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Crisis deepens in Rivers State, Nigeria, as groups shore up support for Gov. Fubara


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The crisis rocking Rivers State in Nigeria that eventually culminated into the demolition of the state House of Assembly has remained unabated as support groups shore up support for their various interest personality.

The Rivers State crisis is a political conflict that has been ongoing in the state since 2023.

It involves the governor of the state, Siminalayi Fubara, and his former ally, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, who are both members of the same party.

The crisis has led to violence, protests, impeachment attempts, and security challenges in the state.

Here are some key points about the crisis:


The crisis started when Fubara and Wike fell out over some unknown reasons, leading to a power struggle between their supporters.

Wike is said to be “greedily” demanding 40% of the state revenue, while Fubara is accused of being disloyal to the party leadership.


On October 30, 2023, some members of the Rivers State House of Assembly attempted to impeach Fubara, after some hoodlums set fire to the assembly complex.

Fubara alleged that he escaped an assassination attempt by some police officers who shot at him.

The impeachment move was declared null and void by Fubara, who challenged the lawmakers to justify their actions.


The crisis has drawn reactions from various stakeholders, including the federal government, the party leadership, civil society groups, and traditional rulers.

Some have called for dialogue and reconciliation, while others have condemned the violence and urged for the rule of law to prevail.


The crisis has implications for the security, stability, and development of Rivers State, as well as the political future of the actors involved.

It also reflects the broader challenges of party politics, democracy, and governance in Nigeria.

Reacting to the crisis in a press statement, a group, Sim Grassroot Connect (SGC), urged Governor Fubara to stand strong and not cave in.

SGC National Coordinator, Prince Crispus Amarabhi Ovoh Jnr., fumed that the group “will not allow some group of persons who have turned themselves into gods to intimidate us because nobody owns Rivers State more than the other.

“We are all bona fide citizens, sons and daughters of the soil and will resist and fight against impunity and barbaric approach to wrestle legitimate power from the people’s Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency, Siminialaye Fubara, by any means.

“We are aware of the clandestine moves to make Rivers State ungovernable under the leadership of Governor Fubara by those who constitute themselves as lords over others and we want them to know that Governor Fubara is in charge of the State,” he said.

Prince Ovoh Jnr. warned that those whom they have recruited to destabilize the State will not succeed because SGC is on ground to counter the embers of violence they are fanning.

“This time around we call on the President, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu to call the former Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency, Nyesom Wike to order based on Mr President’s earlier intervention to settle the rift between him and Governor Fubara that was highly commended.

“Also, it is imperative to state at this juncture that the President has to draft security agencies to Rivers State that would ensure there is no breakdown of law and order and eruption of violence across the State,” he stated.

Ovoh called on the former Governor, Nyesom Wike to allow Fubara to deliver the dividends of democracy to the great and good people of Rivers State because nobody disturbed him when he was on the saddle.

According to him, these detractors of Governor Fubara will not succeed to carry out their paid job by some unscrupulous elements in any guise, adding that the group will expose them and their sponsors.

He noted further: “We are a peace-loving group and patriotic citizens of Rivers State, and we are made up of Captains of industries, youth leaders, women leaders, business men and women within the 319 wards in the state and have gone all out to ensure Rivers State is peaceful.

“Therefore, we warn that any group of persons who want to throw the entire Rivers State into turmoil and chaos will be vehemently resisted.

“Meanwhile, we commend the impact H.E, the Governor of Rivers State, Siminialaye Fubara is already making with various awards of contracts on critical infrastructure across the State, and with the recent passage and assenting to the 2024 Budget, we assure the Rivers people that they are going to experience massive and unprecedented development including job creation, empowerment and prosperity among the teeming youth and women in all the wards of the local government areas of the State.

“Already, a large number of investors have indicated interest in investing in various sectors of the State’s economy, therefore, the expected development in all ramifications will be delivered to the people in no distant time.

“All we ask and urge the great and good people of Rivers State to throw their weight behind Governor Fubara, and join hands to resist forces that want to truncate the peace and development of the State.

“Citizens have a legal and moral burden of patriotic duty to trail and report these enemies of our collective democratic will against a people’s elected Governor. These now defunct Assembly members must never find rest among our people to disturb our democratic order.

“No one should act against the popular will of the people. Moreso, such a will that has earned legal validation through ballot cast.

“Let us remain peaceful, strategic but decisive. Democracy survives and thrives through informed citizens vigilance.

“We strongly believe despite this political upheaval in the State, God will fight for the Governor and the people of Rivers State as we all support and stand with him this period,” Ovoh concluded. Read more.

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