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Crayfish seller wins university “Help the Hard Worker” contest


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A crayfish seller and Theatre Arts graduate wins “Helpthe Hard Worker” contest

A crayfish seller and Theatre Arts graduate from the Imo State University, Miss Nneoma Uzoka has emerged winner of the March 2020 edition of the “Help the Hard worker” monthly competition organized by anon-governmental organization, Princewill’s Trust for entrepreneurs, youths andRivers residents who are engaged in micro business ventures and all forms of hard work in Rivers State.

A statement made available to journalists today by Princewill’sTrust titled “April Fools day Message for a March Winner” explained that unlike many beneficiaries of April Fools jokes, Miss Nneoma Uzoka, a crayfish seller,is not going to get pranked.

It reads: Her gift is real and it is the result of hard work,dedication and commitment. We bring to her good tidings and a tiny recognitionof her efforts, with a view to encouraging her and many others to follow her footsteps and the footsteps of the others who chose hard work over laziness anda sense of entitlement. A transfer has been made direct to her account for 100,000 Naira and she has also acknowledged receipt. We trust that she will use the money well and look forward to her joining other previous Help a Hardworkerwinners, in making progress.

“Today might be April Fools day, but we all must refuse to befooled into thinking that things just happen. No. We must put in the hard work.That is not true for only contestants of the Help a Hardworker competition,it’s true for all citizens. Especially to citizens of Rivers state. Considering what we are going through, I think it is pertinent to use this medium to appeal to every one of us to start the victory march against the Covid 19 virus from within. Each of us must play our part. My health is your health and vice versa.We are all inter connected.

“What we have learnt from the rest of the world tells us that one person carrying the virus can infect several people before that one personcan even display any symptoms. So self isolation, social distancing and very good hygiene makes a very very big difference. The best advice from me to you is STAY HOME, avoid going out and lie low unless you have a critical reason not to. Follow the advise of the government and the healthcare professionals andplease please please, do not gamble with your life. You only have one. What youare looking for outside could kill you or someone close to you.

“Here in Princewills Trust, we and the team have had to makechanges to our laid down processes to protect our team and the wider communityin which we operate. The first is we have had to do electronic transfers andpresent prizes virtually, so as to protect lives. The second is we willpostpone the Help a Hardworker competition until full freedom of movement hasbeen restored. Our inability to fully vet nominees means that it would beimpossible to carry on in its current format. We will use this period torefocus on awareness and reorientation with a focus on positive messaging.

“A similar programme to the Help a Hardworker that hadalready been scheduled to start in April, will go ahead though. It will becalled Help a Smartworker and will be restricted to political allies withexceptionally novel small business ideas. It will be based strictly online socan survive Coronavirus. Whenever its sister programme is restored, they willrun alongside each other side by side.”

Miss Nneoma, an indigene of Imo state who sells crayfish inthe popular weekly Oil mill market and Aluu boundary market was declared thewinner, closely followed by Miss Chioma Amuzie and Florence Martins who came in second and thirdpositions respectively in the keenly contested competition which saw over fivethousand contestants contesting for the top prize.

Confirming the receipt of an online transfer of the cashprize of One Hundred Thousand Naira via a telephone conversation profoundlygrateful and excited Nneoma stated that she gives God all the glory for thevictory. She further noted that she worked serious hard for it but above all, thegrace of God found her and made it possible for her to emerge winner.

The Imo state born Theatre Arts graduate turned Crayfishdealer further noted that, she intends to invest the prize money in herbusiness as soon as the whole Covid19 pandemic blows over. Miss Nneoma alsoused the opportunity to call on hard working and enterprising youths in thestate to advantage of the platform provided by the Prince’s Trust to apply asthey may emerge winners too someday. Furthermore, she noted that the Help the Hardworker initiative is real, authentic and transparent.

While concluding her remarks, Miss Nneoma, prayed GodAlmighty to reward the founder of Princewill’s Trust abundantly for his lovefor the down trodden and people of the state and the country at large.

Speaking on behalf of the Princewill’s Trust, Hon. IkemAnthony congratulated her. He also called on the general public to stay safeand stay at home to curtail the spread of the corona virus which is current onthe rise in the state.

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