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COVID-19 Saga: C. Don Adinuba; Anambra Information Commissioner Is A Disgrace


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  • Reaction To “Anambra Covid-19 Account: A Clarification”

Ignorance is defined in Ethics as: “a state in which one do not know what he/she ought to know”.

Ndi Anambra, nothing could be more annoying than to appoint an inept into a political office on grounds of sentiment. This is the case of the Anambra State Information Commissioner; C. Don Adinuba , who has zero media presence and yet is the commissioner for Information of a state.

Before I look into the direction less and less professional publication he signed on the Anambra COVID-19 Account, let me first present his only comment since this COVID-19 disease disaster.

Picture of Anambra State isolation centre. Just look at this!

Since this Coronavirus outbreak, this is the only information Google credited to a Commissioner of information of a state. Zero Sensitization program, zero directives, zero safety tips. Check him up yourself in Google.

This only reminds me of the ancient Latin adage, “nemodat quod non habet” . Simply put, you can’t offer what you don’t have. C. Don Adinuba is too old and empty to be Publicity Secretary of a serious organisation and he is seated in Anambra State as Information Commissioner.

In fact, the only sensitization article ever released by the Anambra State Executive Council since this health crises started was the one written by the Nnewi born Hon. Meliee Onyejepu and it was highly criticised by the confused James Eze (S.A Media) on grounds that is not the duty of Hon. Onyejepu.

I am beginning to draw conclusion that this present government is in a serious relationship with ineptitude and it’s corollaries.

Let’s now take a close look on the Coronavirus infested response or clarification written by a seating Information Commissioner.

Paragraph one:

Instead of telling us of the program lunched to combat Coronavirus in Anambra State, he is telling us of the account number lunched to tackle the virus. This clearly indicates the intention to extort people by the state government. Please still give us the state road map to tackle the COVID-19, we are waiting.

Picture of Anambra State COVID-19 Isolation centre. Fire on the mountain

Paragraph Two:

Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah did not at any point said he was raising funds to work with the state government. The donors are a selected group of friends. Meanwhile, I doubt till date if you have a laid down plan to tackle this sickness. People only supported one who came up with a visible plan.

Paragraph Three:

The most stupid of them all. Come to think of the people you are calling successful, are you not older than most of them? Did you forget to mention your name. C. Don Adinuba, are you a revenue agent? Do you work for AMCON? Have the Court ruled on the case? How did you arrived on the claims that Senator Ubah is really owing AMCON.

What is the relationship between this paragraph and your clarification on the deadly COVID-19 account? I doubt if the Senator will not approach court, for this contempt cum argumentum adhominem.

The empty NAUTH isolation centre

Paragraph Four:

Please the money you extorted from Chief Onyema et Al should be used to upgrade the state identified isolation centers as that of NAUTH till date has only four beds , no ventilator, in fact, it’s a dead trap and not an isolation centre.

Paragraph Five:


Paragraph Six:

Serious minded individual you mentioned have serious minded government and not your type playing politics with the life of ndi Anambra. You are not ashamed to request for fund to buy mere ventilator and other equipments that may cost less than 300 million naira to kick start the identified isolated centres or dead traps in Anambra.

The Senator’s ongoing one month targeted permanent disease control building is not visible, but your three thousand bed facility in NYSC camp. Mbaukwu is visible. Na echecki kwa oo!

Why do you refuse to even mention that the state government is building a three thousand bed facility for COVID-19. Or are you not aware or is there more to the story that we should be apprehensive about?

Paragraph Seven:

Nwa mbu ejeghi ije, nke ibuo ama agba Oso. You will give which account?

Paragraph Eight:

If you had bought some from our large emptied savings, and resume testing ndi Anambra, people would have started supporting you.

Now you see that you would have simply visited the over 75 billion naira left by ex Governor Peter Obi , lift 5 billion and swing into action. Rather you used it for 1000 kilometer roads in Anambra. Each kilometer road must have cost ten times it actual price.

C. Don Adinuba, kindly remind us what again you said state government did with our 75 billion naira, since you have time for politics.

Paragraph Nine:

Don’t border, NCDC is not stupid. They won’t approve substandard outfit for COVID-19 tests. God will not allow that to happen.

Picture from NAUTH permanent site. Showing the land just donated yesterday for Anambra son’s headed by Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah to build a modern isolation cum disease control centre

Paragraph Ten:

You are addressing ndi Anambra State with your party slogan. You obviously do not know the difference between government and party leadership.

Picture from NAUTH perm site. Showing the land just donated yesterday for Anambra son’s headed by Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah to build a modern isolation cum disease control centre


C. Don Adinuba, for having time to play stupid politics when our entire lives is hanging on a balance. You are a big disgrace and should honourably resign.

Sir Augustine Ike (KSJI)–Ikedoji

If you have time read his gibberish below:

ANAMBRA COVID-19 Account: A Clarification

1. Since the launch last week of the Anambra State COVID-19 account in the determination to fight the spread of the coronavirus in the state, a lot of people from the state and beyond have been calling officials of the state government to complain that they confuse it with the funds drive by Senator Ifeanyi Ubah in the name of mobilization of resources from wealthy indigenes to launch a campaign against the highly contagious disease.
2. Until these individuals and organizations began to complain about the confusion they face while seeking to contribute funds to the Anambra people, the state government was not aware of the funds drive by Senator Ubah. In other words, the state government is not part of Senator Ubah’s funds drive. Our people should, therefore, not confuse the two. Ubah did not consult us before he started his solo enterprise, nor has he, to this moment, sought to work with the state government. The state government does not sanction his activities.
3. Successful entrepreneurs like Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Mr Herbert Wigwe, Chief and Mrs Alakija, Dr Mike Adenuga and Mr Tony Elumelu, who are not indebted to the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), have contributed significantly to the campaign against the coronavirus, and they have at every point worked in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Federal Government and the Lagos State government. They are not executing hidden agendas.
4. Here in Anambra State, such eminently patriotic individuals as Dr Ernest Obiejesi, Chief Allen Onyema and Dr Clement Nwogbo have contributed handsomely to the Anambra State government’s effort to check the spread of the highly infectious scourge in our state. They recognise that it is immoral to play politics with the lives of millions of our people. It is, in fact, unconscionable and a mortal sin to politicize the current fight against COVID-19.
5. Those recognized by the state government as genuinely contributing to the campaign against the viral outbreak are the Federal Government, individuals and organizations working with the state to prevent the plague from our place and mitigate it if it should eventually find its way into our state. Our people need to be guided accordingly.
6. COVID-19 is not only in Nigeria but the number of cases is increasing rapidly. The whole country has a crisis on its hands. It is strange for any person to create the impression that the solution is to start looking for funds from wealthy individuals from Anambra State with the promise to build a brand new hospital which will certainly take a very long time to complete. Worse, it will take time and resources to equip such a hospital and then hire the right calibre of staff like doctors, nurses and laboratory scientists trained in the management of viral cases. This is why serious-minded Nigerians who can easily build hospitals on their own are aligning with the Federal Government as well as state governments to equip existing hospitals and motivate the staff members who are on the frontlines in the battle against the coronavirus.
7. We thank all people from Anambra State and beyond for their support to the state government’s efforts to keep our beloved state free of the coronavirus and its ravaging effects. We urge them to contribute immensely to the Anambra State COVID-19 account with Fidelity Bank number 5030112159. Those who would like to donate equipment, medicines and others are advised to send them to the office of the Secretary to the State Government in Government House, Awka. Every donation will be well acknowledged, well utilized and evidence provided in the public domain.
8. As is already known, the state needs plenty of tools and equipment like respirators, personal protection equipment, testing kits, surgical masks and hospital beds. We have three isolation centres located at Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital in Nnewi, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital in Awka and Onitsha General Hospital. We also have surge centres to take care of excess patients from these hospitals if the need arises. The surge centres are at the Umueri General Hospital in Anambra East Local Government Area, Ekwulobia General Hospital in Aguata Local Government Area, and the National Youth Service Corps Camp in Mbaukwu/Umuawulu, Awka South Local Government Area.
9. In addition, we are working very hard to get the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control to accredit Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital as a testing centre. Its mega laboratory, which can test 500 specimens at the same time, meets global standards; the only thing it is lacking is reagents. We are also working towards the accreditation of Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital as a testing centre. The heroic efforts of the state administration need considerable resources to come to fruition.
10. This is the time for our people to demonstrate, once again, our well known philosophy of solidarity known over the ages as “Onye aghana nwanne ya”. It is the secret of the triumph of ndi Anambra against all odds.

God bless Anambra State, the Light of the Nation.

C. Don Adinuba
Commissioner for Information & Public Enlightenment.

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