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Covid-19 Resets Modern Man’s Social Life 300,000 Years Backwards

By Vincent O Ezechukwu


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History of Human Evolution Revisited

The current pandemic which originated from China in November 2019 known to us as Coronavirus, has back dated man’s social activities Three Hundred Thousand years (300,000) to Middle Stone Age, when a sub human specie known to Historians and Archaeologists  as Neanderthal man, roamed the Earth.

Archaeological findings indicated that, the Neanderthal man, lived sedentarily (In isolation and little inter group interaction) they also hunted wild games and gathered food for survival. Further evidence of their lifestyle showed that, their cognitive ability meant they buried their dead.

Fast forward to 2020, in the face of devastating onslaught of Covid-19 on human race, modern man now lives in isolation and sedentary life style with little inter group interaction, in reality, we now gather food for survival (apologies to our subhuman ancestors)and burying the dead has recently become the only meaningful outdoor activity we engage in.

Conclusively, Covid-19 has found a way to to reset modern man’s social life Three Hundred Thousand  years backwards in reminiscent of our ancestors that went into extinction 40,000 years ago.

Vincent O Ezechukwu, Department of History and International Studies, Unizik Awka.

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