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Corruption/insecurity/ASUU strike: the burden on a non-thinking religious society that dwells much on inheritance

By Theo Rays


“Nature has the final establishment of peace through the mechanism of human imagination” – Manuel Kant

Once upon a time, a prophet who runs a big Church invited me to do media work for his Church. Along the line, I wanted him to field questions about leadership of Nigeria but he quickly declined telling me that he doesn’t talk about politics.  I discovered that he is thinkless towards politics.

Like the prophet, millions of people that make the highly populated religious society are not thinking about relevant issues surrounding them. People are not thinking because they settle to follow inheritance.

People are neck deep into the kind of things they inherited and not interested in any form of change regardless of the condition they find themselves in at any given time. That’s why Nigeria is unable to stand the test of time.

For instance, some sections of people don’t think about anything pertaining to religion because of the inherent feeling that their Church is the first or the best.

Some people don’t think about politics, agriculture, sports, technology because of Inherent feeling that the money they made from gathering to worship God is all that they are assigned to work for. Some people don’t think about business outside the kind of business they inherited from their fathers.

There is an inherent feeling that going to school is to pass exams and obtain a certificate. There is no thinking on health services owing to Inherent feeling that good health care is obtainable in foreign countries.

Different kinds of inherent feelings among different sections of people are the bane of Nigeria. There is lack of thinking which makes people to be pride, arrogant, weak, loot public treasury, to lie, to hate and consequently to fail in running a good system of life. Lack of thinking makes people not see the world beyond their native land and native work.

Today in Nigeria most people as Igbo, Yoruba Hausa, Fulani, Ijaw and others don’t see the world beyond their native land and native work they inherited from fathers. Teething challenges bedeviling Nigeria such as corruption, insecurity, poverty, etc. are consequent upon lack of thinking.

Naturally and culturally, the world is moved by thinking. Thinking makes people find solutions to their problems. In the word of German philosopher Manuel Kant, “Nature has the final establishment of peace through the mechanism of human imagination”

Thinking made people of ancient kingdom of Babylon and Egypt so great to the extent that they challenged God. Thinking made the civilized countries what they are today.

Thinking makes people face competition and bridge the gap between the civilized and under civilized society. Thinking made the East bridge the gap with West. Thinking made Japan and lately Korea and China to Bridge the gap with Europe and United States.

The point is that people cannot solve the problem without thinking. And the earliest we start thinking the better. Solution to current challenges posed by insecurity and ASUU strike alongside poverty, unemployment and hunger can be addressed by thinking.

Thinking can kill corruption, wickedness, pride, arrogant, bad governance, hatred, weakness, intolerance, poverty, unemployment and killings.

Thinking will connect Nigerians with workable universal tools of solution such as wisdom, truth, love, honestly charity, revelation, findings, discoveries, creativity, productivity, sacrifice, hard-working and vision for change.

Let me conclude by appealing to government at all levels and relevant stakeholders such as churches, town unions, market unions, groups and individuals to get involved in what I call the “Set Apart” and set some people party for them to think and think out solution to the challenges facing us at all levels of our existence as a family, village, town, State, tribe, regions and country.

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