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COMMUNITY: The Idea To Transform & Unite Nigerians

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Every single person that makes up the society plays an important role in its success. It is upon this premise that the idea of COMMUNITY was created about 13 years ago.

COMMUNITY is a people powered solutions engine for the society, built to create a system of development for and by everyone within a geographical location.

As a membership club, COMMUNITY runs on a developmental process called The Village Box or TV-Box for short.

Created to address such issues like unemployment; lack of affordable quality education; lack of funding for entrepreneurs; skills training, and more.

COMMUNITY is sustained by every one member with an aim to “Build People, So People In Turn Can Build Society”.

To this end, COMMUNITY is designed to:

  • gather people for the common good;
  • create viable channels for resource generation;
  • provide work engagement for every participant within its work models;
  • increase learning by training members;
  • provide a channel of participation in communal development; and,
  • create a maintenance culture within communities and an access to quality social services.

More than a product, COMMUNITY is a lifestyle; with the potential to change people’s lives, and improve the socio-economic climate of the environment in which they operate.

Growth in COMMUNITY is powered by members called the Silent Force Network (SFN), and achieved through a Capital Community Fund.

This way, solutions are not only created but participants also feel a sense of ownership, knowing that they play active roles.

Created by Tanho Attah (C.E.O and founder) COMMUNITY is managed by KADE KEYO, a ‘societal solutions’ company.

You can become a member of one of the most progressive club where members share a common interest in group growth; a community of likeminded individuals who understand that it takes communal efforts for any country to progress.

Visit our website: www.kade-keyo.com to know more, or call us on 08120398309 to have a one-on-one chat.

If you want time to put your questions and thoughts together, then you can email solutions@kade-keyo.com.

Our mailing address is: 4, Nicole Balogun Street, Lekki, Lagos.

Ojo Maduekwe

Mobile: +2348095166179; Twitter: @Ojo_Maduekwe; Facebook: ojay.milah

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