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Cleopatra: unbelievable things men have done for love!


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The unbelievable things men have done throughout history to show they love a woman, is why no good woman should allow any man treat her like trash.

There are so many examples in history, but the one that we think will blow your minds is the story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

Mark Antony, a Roman leader, fell in love with Cleopatra, queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC, and its last active ruler.

At a point in time, Mark Antony was ruling his vast empire from Tarsus, an area close to modern day Turkey. Mark wanted Cleopatra to join him in Tarsus, but Cleopatra said she wouldn’t place her foot on any soil that’s not Egyptian soil.

Then Mark did the unimaginable!

He ordered for beautiful white sand to be brought all the way from Egypt to Turkey, and made sure he covered every square and inch of an entire island with the sand.

Bear in mind that Mark Antony did that more than 200 years ago when there was no car or aeroplane that would have made it easy to transport the sand. Even the ships they used for transportation those days aren’t as sophisticated as the ships we have today.

Take a moment to imagine all the effort, labor and coordination it would take to bring sand from Alexandria, Egypt to Turkey to cover an Island stretch of 4,500 miles of coastline—all just to please a woman!


The island exists till today and it’s a beautiful tourist attraction. It’s called Sedir Island or Cleopatra Island.

-Apotheosis Of Knowledge

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