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CJN, a dangerous crook in the making [the true story of his meeting with Tinubu]

By Mubasher Channel

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The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) is a dangerous crook in the making.

Recall that Sahara Reporters had earlier reported the secret manner in which Tinubu left the country.

It was so hidden that most major news outlets in Nigeria never reported it because they could not confirm that he had left the country.

Grapevine sources played into his hands when rumors surfaced that he had been flown out for medical treatment.

When it became obvious that Sahara Reporters had blown the news, Tinubu media people quickly circulated news that Tinubu was taking time out of the country to get some rest from the election campaign stress.
Nothing wrong with that.

But interestingly, the Chief Justice of Nigeria had left country days earlier while the Supreme Court is still in session. Not recess.

No information was available as regards his travel. Most Justices of the Supreme Court are not even aware that he was out of the country.

Incidentally also, the Peoples Gazette has insiders in the Supreme Court who confirmed that he was enroute to London to meet with Tinubu “unofficially”.

Now the interesting part is that Tinubu’s plane flew to Paris, France. Was hangered in the airport as a sign that he was in France but meanwhile he has moved with another private jet back to London for the clandestine meeting with the CJN.

At this point, it is important to remind everyone that this same CJN was the same person who early this year had commented in Port Harcourt, Rivers State that the emergence of the G5 Governors Group was a good thing because they will cripple the PDP and lead to the emergence of Tinubu as President.

Most importantly, when the news broke that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of a country on whose table Election matters will likely land after the election was making political permutations in favor of a particular candidate…

He initially approved a statement denying it until a secret recording of that utterance surfaced online and he quickly went underground.

PS: It is important to state at this point that the People’s Gazette has all the information as to the hotel where the CJN stayed THROUGHOUT his stay in London and how food and other necessities which were pre-arranged for him were delivered secretly by delivery drivers.

And that at no time did the CJN check into a hospital in London nor did a medical officer/doctor visit his hotel suit.

This particular information will become important later after his covers were blown. But let us proceed.

The CJN who positioned himself as weak and sick while at the airport both in Abuja and London airports in preparation for the lies of traveling for medical emergency should his trip be discovered was also seen walking gingerly into the hotel the moment he felt he was out of sight from prying eyes at the airport.

PS: People’s Gazette has hundreds of pictures of him in this particular hotel in London which they have refrained from publishing to avoid safety concerns both for the CJN and the hotel.

On the 21st March 2023, Tuesday, 2 days before the news broke. People’s Gazette got information that Tinubu had arrived London while his Plane was still in an Airport Hanger in France. People’s Gazette quickly reached out to Festus Akande, Communication Director to the CJN as to the whereabouts of the CJN and if he was in London.

Festus Akande refused to answer.

The People’s Gazette also reached out to the Media Director of the National Judicial Council, Ose Oye, about the whereabouts of the CJN. He claimed to not be aware of the CJN’s movements.

Unknown to the People’s Gazette, both Festus Akande and Ose Oye were engaged in a back and forth at this time with the CJN to gauge how much information the People’s Gazette has on the CJN.

If they truly know that he was in London and what he was in London for.

They did not want to risk denying that the CJN was in London and then have a picture/video of him in London surface online.

So, they waited and baited the People’s Gazette hoping that because of Journalism Ethics, that the People’s Gazette will not blow the story until they hear from Akande or the NJC.

But fortunately, or unfortunately, People’s Gazette went ahead to publish the story after two days of no response from Akande and Oye.

What did the CRIMINAL Chief Justice of Nigeria do?

He jumped into the next private bombardier private jet and flew from London to Nigeria 6HRS, was secretly picked up from the Airport, straight to the Supreme Court Complex and then to the Mosque.

They were about to claim that the CJN never left Nigeria, a claim which was widely circulated by Tinubu WhatsApp Groups until Akande realized Samuel Ogundipe of the People’s Gazette had mentioned the name of the hotel the CJN stayed.

So CJN boys quickly put out the feelers from their APC media groups that the CJN went to London for medical emergency, and that was the reason for the use of the wheelchair.

But what they didn’t know was the People’s Gazette had people who watched the CJN all through his stay in that hotel where he neither visited any hospital nor did any doctor visit him.

So even with the weight of these allegations, neither the office of the CJN nor the National Judicial Council has made any official statement.


They do not know how much People’s Gazette knows and what they can put out today and it will be countered by picture/video evidence.

Interestingly, this same CJN presided over a case against Mohammed Abacha in 2014, and in his judgement, identified forfeiture as a fine (a form of punishment).

Also, the Supreme Court had in 2008 interpreted the 25% Abuja Question to mean that for a president to be sworn in, he must obtain at least get 25% of the total votes cast in the FCT.

So, we can already see how of utmost importance the Tinubu/CJN meeting was for Tinubu.

To truncate Justice just like Mahmood Yakubu of INEC Nigeria who knew to suspend an ordinary state collation to review results but was UNSTOPPABLE to suspend the President Collation for a few hours to review results.

We might be headed for a second rape of democracy.

We therefore call on the International Community. Read more.



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