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Bus Drivers Clash over extortion by Enugu MOT”

By Anekeoku Saintfrank


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On March 18, 2020, civil servants and the good people of Enugu experienced hardship through the means of transportation because bus drivers in Enugu refused to carry any passenger.

The reason was that Enugu State Ministry of transport enforcement team has caused them more pain through extortion, humiliation, false arrest of buses, bribing and embrassment .

During an interview with one bus driver by name Mr Chibuzor Nathaniel, he narrated to ElombaNews that the officers of MOT has subdued them, humiliated them with extortion, bribing and forceful collection of money from bus drivers in Enugu.

He said, that all the bus drivers in Enugu decided to embark on a riot/protest because enough is enough with the fraudulent act by MOT Officers across the state metropolis.

He urged the Commissioner of Transport Enugu State to do the needful because with the pattern and system his officers use to extort money from bus drivers in Enugu, that the bus drivers are no more comfortable with such acts and wickedness.

He said: “It seems we work for them, after suffering for the day to carry passengers, MOT will come out and demand you settle them out of nothing.

“They come out with untrained and disoriented attitude in a very callous and uncultured way.

“They assume arrest by jumping into vehicles and acting up with rude and ill mannered way desirous to apprehend drivers and demand rudely for them MOT to be settled accosting drivers each and every time as defaulters when one may not have breached any traffic law.

“MOT is worse than Corona virus, full of corruption and extortion,” he lamented.

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