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Buhari’s Boko Haram War: An Organised Crime – By Charles Ogbu

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As counter intuitive as it may sound, the Muhammadu Buhari led government is the biggest enabler, sponsor and financier of the Boko Haram terrorist group once rated the world’s deadliest terror group.

Those of us with long memory would recall that in the dying days of the immediate past government of President Goodluck Jonathan, Boko Haram terror group was reasonably degraded with the help of military equipment secured from Russia.

The Nigerian military, for the first time, gained access into the dreaded Sambisa forest.

Hundreds of Boko Haram fighters that disguised as women with full hijab were arrested on different road blocks mounted by the military in the North East.

Their suspected financiers such as Senator Ali Ndume was put on trial though he’s since been discharged by the court.

Then enter the new President, Muhammadu Buhari and everything changed.

First, he dismantled all military checkpoints set up by Jonathan’s government, giving the freeing terrorists some breathing space to escape and regroup.

He followed this up by recalling, through the Police service commission, the ex-police commissioner, Zakari Biu, tried and sacked from the Police for aiding and abetting the escape from detention of a top Boko Haram commander behind the Christmas day Madalla Catholic Church bombing, Kabiru Sokoto.

Recall that this Kabiru Sokoto terrorist was arrested inside the Borno state governor’s Lodge in Asokoro, Abuja.

Now here is the new game:

Gallant men and women serving in the military will go and confront heavily armed Boko Haram terrorists.

Some of these soldiers will loose their lives in the process while some will be maimed for life.

In the end, they will manage to capture some of these Boko Haram terrorists alive and hand them over to the govt for prosecution.


Your President and Senior military personnel who were probably snoring away in some fully air-conditioned office when those rank and file soldiers were laying down their life to capture these boko haram terrorists, will just wake up one morning and release hundredS of them into the society and tell you that they are “repentant terrorists”. (See first screenshot photo)

Who certified them repentant?

Who monitors them the way a parole officer monitors someone on parole?

No one!

Most times, the government will release senior commanders of this internationally recognized deadliest terror group in some prison swap deal and even pay them cash compensation running into millions in foreign currency.

Then they will use these monies to acquire more weapon and recruit more fighters and the same rank and file soldiers will still be asked to go confront them with weapons that are mostly inferior. (See screenshot photo below)

Now, here is the biggest tragedy of this government scam called war against terror:

When these soldiers brave all odds to get close to capturing Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, a very senior military man somewhere in Nigeria will order them to retreat. (see attached screenshot below)

This order will give the Boko Haram leader all the needed time to escape.

Next time, these same helpless and hapless rank and file soldiers will still be asked to go after the same Abubakar Shekau and as disciplined soldiers, they will obey, loosing their lives in the process and after capturing some of these terrorists, the same govt will still release the captured terrorists back into the society.

As I write this, there are thousands of Boko Haram terrorists the Buhari government is currently rehabilitating.

After the so called rehabilitation with millions of tax payers money, they will be sent back into the society and these terrorists will simply smile back to their killing ways and launch more attacks and kidnap more girls and the same govt that released them will pay them more millions and billions to free some of the girls. And the criminal cycle continues.

In a nutshell, the Buhari government working in agreement with senior military officers, have just succeeded in creating a lucrative but demonic business from the Boko Haram insurgency and this business is being sustained with the blood of innocent Nigerians.

Let that sink!

Meanwhile, this government does not even know the names of some of the soldiers killed in the course of the farce that is the Boko Haram war, not to talk of “rehabilitating” their families.


The Fulani soldiers are mostly here in the peaceful South and Southeast to be more precise.

Come to 82 division here or go through Southeast roads and see for yourself. The soldiers on all our peaceful roads are 90% fulani soldiers.

This whole thing would be comically entertaining if they weren’t such a national tragedy.

Shame, isn’t it?

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