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Buhari Must Step Down! ~ By Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe


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Recent developments has shown beyond reasonable doubt the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria do not have a seating President.

This is in light of the latest pandemic sweeping across the globe in a manner never witnessed in the modern era.

With hundreds of thousands of infected victims and thousands of deaths recorded, the supposed President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari deems it unnecessary to address the nation on the state of affairs in the same manner all other world leader have done.

It is shameful and tantamount to termination of his stay in office as President.

The call for his resignation by many concerned groups is understandable.

He has shown enough disregard and his glaring inabilities to be allowed to continue in office.

While the USA has earmarked over $1 trillion to tackle the pandemic, Buhari has earmarked a proposed loan of $22.7 billion to showcase his landmark bigotry and propensity to enable his cabal to loot the Nigerian treasury.

We pray President Buhari sees the need to heed the call of resignation. It will save lives.

May We Remain Steadfast in the Struggle.

Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe
Abuja, Nigeria

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