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BREAKING: Army foils fresh coup in Congo


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Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) armed forces have successfully thwarted an attempted coup against President Felix Tshisekedi on Sunday.

The clash between armed men in military uniforms and the guards of a prominent politician left three people dead.

Brigadier General Sylvain Ekenge, the army spokesman, confirmed that the coup attempt was immediately foiled and that the situation was now under control.

Some suspects have been arrested including several foreign nationals, according to Reuters report, although it remains unclear whether they have been detained or killed.

This development comes after an earlier attack on the home of Vital Kamerhe, a member of parliament expected to be named speaker, which resulted in the deaths of two guards and an assailant.

The United States embassy has issued a security alert, warning of ongoing activity by DRC security elements and reports of gunfire in the area.

Meanwhile, this incident follows President Tshisekedi’s meeting with parliamentarians and leaders of the Sacred Union of the Nation ruling coalition on Friday, aimed at resolving the ongoing crisis within his party.

Mr Tshisekedi warned that he might dissolve the National Assembly and call for new elections if the internal disputes continued.

President Tshisekedi, who was re-elected in December in a contentious election characterized by allegations of irregularities, has faced ongoing challenges in maintaining party unity and political stability.

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