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Best Option Is To Look Beyond The Earth

Easter message from Theo Rays


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  • Mankind needs a new scope and new path of culture and religion to face the earth

The earth as man’s home zone has enough to take care of man but man as inhabitant of the earth doesn’t have enough to face and overcome the challenges that face him on earth. Let me quickly explain this clearly. As a child, I discovered that my father had enough to take good care of me. But as I continue to grow up I discovered that despite the riches and love that I enjoy from the scope and path of my father, I don’t have enough to face the world. So the key to the way forward for me was to look beyond the scope and path of my father.

Many people by way of culture, politics and religion settle down their existence in the scope and path of the fathers but that is wrong. In Nigeria, people by way of culture, politics and religion consolidate on the scope and path of the fathers – moving in the same line of system, vision and set goals of the fathers and that is why the country is not making any progress. In 2014 Obunike my friend made a donation of N2 million to the Church for Cathedrals project. I asked him why such a bogus money to the Church? He said that his father was the pioneer donor of the Church and he wouldn’t like to see the Church build by his father suffer lack of money.

Nigerians have to look beyond the fathers to be able to make the desired progress. Similarly, man has to look beyond the earth to be able to address and overcome the challenges facing him on earth including the present coronavirus pandemic ravaging lives all over the world. It is an unfair assessment and judgement to God and nature to say that the earth doesn’t have enough to take care of mankind. But considering the myriad of challenges overwhelming people into harmful conditions and death, it is clean clear that mankind on earth don’t have enough.

The devastating impact of coronavirus pandemic is a call for mankind to look beyond the earth. And fortunately, we have the grace to do just that. Yeah, God who created both the earth and mankind knows that man doesn’t have all it takes to face and overcome the challenges of life on earth and consequently God sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ that whosoever believes in Jesus shall not die but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

I know that billions of people all over the world already believe in Jesus Christ as Christians but for the past two decades I have been raising voice and alarm that these believers in Jesus Christ as Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal and what have you, are not in the right track with Jesus Christ.

I have continued to raise alarm that what Christians in different denominations are doing do not reflect all that Jesus Christ was sent to do. Jesus Christ came to lead mankind to total victory over the numerous challenges facing us with a scope and path that link up mankind with the heaven. In Matt 28:18 it is written that all authorities in heaven and earth have been given to Jesus Christ. And in John 16: 33 it is written that in the world we shall have tribulations but in Him we shall have peace because He has overcome the world.

I am saying that Christians have failed to enact the scope and path of Jesus Christ and consequently they have failed to overcome the world. I am therefore so sure that the challenges that are overwhelming and destroying lives on earth including coronavirus pandemic have clearly vindicated me.

To get Christianity on the right scope and right path, I have come up with a pack of message tagged Earth Control Service Message (Eco Service Message) Eco Service Message is about what Christians should do – the tone of messages and programs – the prayers and other mechanisms that will enforce the service of God in Jesus name according to what is written.

Join me.

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