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Banks, politicians should start buying bullet-proof cars, jeeps, buses for security, staffs, aides

By Bonaventure Ezekwenna


With tragic and senseless loss of lives of security personnel, civilian staffs and aides when the convoy of banks’ bullion vans/trucks and Nigerian politicians are attacked on the roads and streets, it’s time to require banks and prominent Nigerians (especially those riding on bullet-proof cars to provide similar (bulletproof cars, vans, jeeps and buses) to their security, civilian staffs and aides on escort duty.

There are uproar following the death of officers of Nigerian Police Force, DSS and civilian staffs/aides when Senator Ifeanyi Uba’s convoy was attacked at Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra State few days ago, while the Senator’s life was saved due to his bullet-proof car.

And sadly, this was not the first time police, DSS officers and civilian staffs lost their lives when banks’ bullion vehicles and prominent people were attacked in Nigerian roads and streets. There are many other instances.

The Central Bank of Nigeria overseeing the operations of commercial banks in Nigeria should issue the guidelines and directives to all commercial banks in Nigeria, while the Inspector General of Nigerian Police Force, the heads of other security and intelligence agencies and services should also issue similar directives.

Or rather, the National Security Adviser should issue general nationwide directive or guideline on this national security matter.

So, why haven’t the authorities issued the directives up till now? Well it’s about time respective authorities issue the directives to save lives. It’s not hard to do at all!

Nigerian banks and politicians have the money, so that should not be a problem. Actually, it’s proper and urgent immediate thing to do.

Rather than just fuming, issuing press release of outrage, solidarity and condolences to families and relatives of the victims, the authorities should do the proper immediate thing at this moment.

Bonaventure Ezekwenna, B. A. Political Science
Herbert H. Lehman College of City University of New York. Dual citizen of Nigeria/USA. Business development specialist, resides in New York, currently in Nigeria on business development mission. Non-partisan observer of socio-economic and political developments in Nigeria. Read more.


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