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Atiku vs Tinubu in Chicago: Live updates from U.S District Court in Illinois


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Below is live updates from U.S District Court in the state of Illinois, City of Chicago, venue of the suit filed by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, against the Chicago State University seeking to retrieve all relevant documents belonging to the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to ascertain the veracity of his claims that he graduated from the institution.

The live updates were provided by Mr. Jackson Ude, a former presidential aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan.



I am live in the City of Chicago, in the state of Illinois. I will be reporting live from the U.S District Court of Northern Illinois as Atiku Abubakar convinces the Judge to order the release of the controversial credentials of Bola Tinubu from the Chicago State University.


Court is in session now. Atiku’s lawyer is arguing before judge Gilbert that releasing the documents would show that the ruling of PEPT was not proper when evidence shows discrepancies. The Judge wants ATIKU’S lawyer to show why the documents should be released.


ATIKU’S lawyer is arguing that he is seeking what the PEPT didn’t have at the time of their railing.


Judge Gilbert is asking Carmichael why he things the supreme court won’t be receptive. Carmichael insisted it would be irrelevant.


Bola Tinubu’s Lawyer, Mr Christopher Carmichael did not show up in court. He is calling in. He is arguing that the documents Atiku is seeking is not relevant. He is saying that procedurally, it is wrong for Atiku to be seeking a Document he intends to use at the Supreme Court.


Carmichael is telling the Judge that the Supreme Court in Nigeria would not be receptive to any documents that might be brought forward.


De Gramont is arguing that under the Nigerian law, a candidate can be disqualified if he presented a forged certificate.


ATIKU’S Lawyer, Alexander De Gramont, has now been called upon again by Judge Gilbert. De Gramont is telling the judge that the discrepancies in the certificates, the claims by Tinubu that he has never been a U.S citizen and other series of inconsistencies, the court should allow the discovery.


Judge Gilbert is asking why the Certificate issued by Southwest college is relevant. De Gramont said it is the discrepancy in the age and sex that makes it relevant.


He said the University has come under severe attacks by Nigerians. That the university is now a punching bag. He said CSU certificates are merely ceremonials and that they do not keep copies of certificates issued.


The Lawyer representing the Chicago state University, Michael Hayes told Judge Gilbert that the university do not know if the certificate Bola Tinubu presented to INEC is forged or not. He said the University does not keep copies of certificates issued to students. He said the University cannot be liable for any forged documents. He said CSU knows nothing about any forged documents or false filings by Tinubu. He said the school is ready to cooperate and bring this issue to an end. He said the school has seen all the different certificates but do not know which one was filed with INEC.


Judge Gilbert said he might not be able to shorten the time. He said he wants to rule in a “Solomonic” way so it doesn’t call for an appeal by any of the parties. He said 14days may not be enough but that he would try.


Judge Gilbert has announced that he would not rule today because he needs to take his time to review more documents and possible come up with more questions to all parties.

Judge Gilbert is mulling the possibility of cross examining Bola Tinubu to find out where he for his certificate from.

He has now adjourned the proceedings for a later date.

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