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Anglican Church debunks Rev. Eboh’s intimidation allegation, describes him as immoral


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The Diocese on the Niger, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion has described Rev. Lumen Cristi Ebo who accused the church of many unprintable things as an ingrate, greedy and immoral man who erroneously expected everyone to swallow his desperate precepts.

While describing Ebo’s scandalous trending accusations against the Church in various newsletters and social media as laughable and unimaginable, the Church said “the write up needs to be ignored but for the sake of the gullible public, we want to put the record straight.

“First of all, the said Priest – Lumenkristi Slyvester Eboh was sent on indefinite suspension on Dec 20, 2021 due to his numerous acts that are contrary to the Scripture and traditions of the Church in accordance to Canon Law XVI (38) of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

“It is on record and verifiable that several petitions were written by well-meaning people including the female organizations and lawyers against him over time.

“One of the petitions was written by the Law Zoomers, a firm of Legal Practitioners which claims that he impregnated a lady who was under his custody for prayers.

“This petition was dated 1st November, 2021.  Needless to say again, that he refused to make himself available to answer to the said petition.

“You can contact the Law Zoomers – Awka for verification and details.

“On the claim that the Bishop insisted to be included with his wife as trustees of his Ministry: In the first place, the Constitution of the Diocese is firm on the fact that every priest with any call will conduct same in line with the provisions therein contained.

“There is no provision in the constitution for a priest to register a parallel ministry whilst serving the Diocese without the official approval from his Bishop. Therefore, this allegations shows the extend the so called Lumenkristi Ebo goes to deceive the  public.

“You can judge by yourselves – He was living in the church, and was being paid salary by the Church, using the church properties and resources, misappropriated funds entrusted to him; discreetly registered a ministry; yet, still claims to be a priest of the Church.

“On the claim of high handedness, harassment, conspiracy and character defamation; it is on record that the Bishop on the Niger is besieged with lots of petitions against Lumen Kristi Eboh. All the petitions bother on acts of impropriety and unwholesome conduct not expected of a priest. He was invited to respond and react to the serious allegations by a panel, but he ignored the invitation. Instead he suddenly went on air disperaging the Church, its organs and the Bishop.

On the claim of taking his wife by the Diocese, this is quite funny and laughable. It shows the extent of his immoral actions that apparently became so unbearable , hence caused the wife to abandon him.

“More so, investigations by the Church panel shows that he is living with a strange woman who claimed to be his personal secretary, and abandoned his lawful wife.

“One may then ask, how can someone who cannot manage his home, claim that the church took his wife away? Wonders shall never end.

How then can someone with many indicting allegations against him claim to have resigned without clearing his name of the damning allegations first?  Also, how can someone on suspension claim to have resigned? Canon XII (1) of the Church states that “if a clergy desires to resign, he shall send his letter of resignation to the Bishop who shall judge whether the resignation should be accepted or not”.

“No one is preventing his resignation, he is free to decide what he wants; notwithstanding, he should stop misinforming the public and kindly own up to his atrocities.

“Let it be known that he is a wolf in sheep clothing seeking for whom to devour.  Let the general public beware of such person who has betrayed his vows during ordination.  May God help him and show him mercy.

The Diocesan Director of Communication. Si Oseloka Offor who spoke on behalf of the Bishop Re Rev Owens Nwokolo urged anyone who need more information and details on the acts of Rev Eboh to contact him at the Bishop’s Court, All Saints Cathedral Onitsha on a round-the-clock basis.

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