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ANAP poll win by Peter Obi: Reno Omokri is now scared off ~ by Ike Klinsmann


Reno Omokri is now scared off. His lies are not paying off.

Peter Obi won an online Poll organised by ANAP and Reno started running up his filthy mouth again dismissing it as fraud.

Do you know why Reno is scared? Let me take you down the memory lane (You can Google it).

Pharm Ike Chinedu Klinsmann
The author, Pharm Ike Chinedu Klinsmann

The day President Goodluck Jonathan almost slapped Reno.

Date was 16th October, 2014.

Venue was his own Buildup Nigeria Platform.

On this day, Reno organised an online Poll for Goodluck, rigged the poll and yet Jonathan LOST!

Go and verify, Jonathan lost a Poll organised by Reno (See attached screenshot):

The Presidency was so embarrassed by this and threatened to sack Reno (Which they eventually did months later and replaced him with Obi Asika ).

Reno started crying, begging all the GEJites to do double voting online, promising them that as soon as they overtake Buhari that he would close the Poll.

That was how a Poll that was meant to take 48 hours was closed under 24 hours when Jonathan had a slight lead

What I am giving you is fact. Go and verify.

Reno Omokri was the Special Assistant on New Media to former President Goodluck Jonathan
Reno Omokri was the Special Assistant on New Media to former President Goodluck Jonathan

Date was October 16th, 2014.

This was before Jonathan lost another Poll organised by Sahara Reporters.

Google and verify.

Now you understand why Reno is today scared and attacking a poll Peter obi won yesterday. Read more.

My name is Pharm Ike Chinedu Klinsmann.


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