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Anambra, Stop These Photo Sessions!

By Fred Chukwuelobe


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This is a call on Anambra State government.

Please let’s stop the photo sessions that accompany donors to the Coronavirus fund.

They’re not necessary.

Nobody knows the status of the donors and the recipients.

The Secretary to the State Government (SSG), who receives these donations on behalf of the government, and takes photo sessions with the donors, even though he wears facenmask, is not safe.

Somehow, I’m beginning to see these photo ups as cheap popularity. Everybody takes photo with the SSG, including people who donate “any sum”.

ASUU in photo session unprotected while donating COVID-19 protective items to Anambra Government

You’re exposing yourselves to danger.

Announce your donation, send the money to the government, let your name and sum be listed.

Then maintain Social Distancing. That’s what you preach to us.

Why violate it?

Let’s enforce Social Distancing by living up to it, not just saying it.

This Coronavirus pandemic is very serious.

Let’s observe complete isolation.

I don’t know of any State in the federation where this sort of show is taking place.

We welcome the good news that the only index case we have has tested negative for Coronavirus, and that with one more test he’d be discharged.

Let’s not record another case.

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