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Albert Einstein medical school receives $1b donation, agrees to reimburse students their tuition fee 


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The 93-year-old widow of a Wall Street financier has donated $1 billion to a Bronx medical school, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, with instructions that the gift be used to cover tuition for all students going forward.

The gift was made by Ruth L. Gottesman, Ed.D., the chair of the Einstein Board of Trustees and Montefiore Health System board member.

The donation is said to further the mission to remove the financial restrictions needed to afford medical school.

“We will be reminded of the legacy this historic gift represents each spring as we send another diverse class of physicians out across the Bronx and around the world to provide compassionate care and transform their communities,” says Dr. Yaron Tomer, the Marilyn and Stanley Katz Dean at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Though, a statement from the school did not specify the dollar amount of the donation, but the New York Times reported that it was $1 billion.

Meanwhile, with the mouthwatering donation, all current fourth-year students will be reimbursed their spring 2024 semester tuition.

Beginning in August of 2024, all students moving forward will receive free tuition at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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