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Abuja pastor evicts wife, 6 children from their home


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The General Overseer of the God’s Spring Assembly, pastor Stanley Ogbonna has forcefully evicted his estranged wife, Chioma and six children out of their house in Abuja.

Pastor Ogbonna was said to be in a troubling relationship with his wife, which led to their divorce.

He was accused of telling the court he had sold his properties to prevent estranged wife from having a share of his wealth.

In a viral video sighted by this medium, the embattled wife, Chioma was seen accusing the pastor of infidelity and domestic abuse, among others.

She recounted how she had suffered with the pastor for over 18 to 19 years with six children and how the husband had packed his properties out of the house while sleeping around with different women.

Chioma said, “See him, God will help me. This is a pastor. This is the pastor, Stanley Ogbonna. He called the police and evicted me and the children out of the house.

“Look at me, look at my properties all outside unannounced. We were in the house this afternoon; he just came to the house with the police and threw my things away. He already packed his things out of the house for years, sleeping around.

“Today, he has come to disgrace me after labouring with him for 18 years, 19 years. See what the General Overseer of God’s Wing Assembly, Glass Church, Kubwa, is doing. I’m his wife, who laboured with him for 19 years.

“The world needs to come into this and give me justice for suffering me for all these years after giving him six children. His last child is a four-year-old.

“Look at me outside and my properties. He feels nobody will speak for me. Jehovah will speak for me”.


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