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A Joke Called Nigeria

By Okoye Chukwudi


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Channels Television has this morning announced that anyone with five thousand Naira or more in their bank account falls outside the bracket considerable for receipt of the palliative funds promised by the Federal Government.

Seeing that Channels Television is reputed as one of the TV Stations whose content can be relied on in terms of veracity as far as Nigerian economic and sociopolitical affairs are concerned, then there is no reason to further ask if information disseminated via it can be relied upon.

Apparently being a Nigerian is not anything to be reckoned with. Following this announcement, the value of a Nigerian citizen is being brought to the fore now in these dark times.

Not only is it worrisome, it is indeed a shame and a slap in the face of the masses who elected into office the leaders who have reached this ridiculous agreement.

Needless to add, it is also crystal clear that our choices of leaders have come back to bite us. Before us is a glaring reflection of the poor decisions we made when we voted. Our country has been hijacked.

How we managed to elect a whole bunch of heartless, clueless and lost minds as leaders in this country remains a dilemma to me. Five thousand Naira doesn’t scratch the surface in any arrangement here in Nigeria. The pertinent issues and lack of basic infrastructure need not be enumerated as it is glaring.

The parameters employed in reaching this decision need to be revisited as it is simply unreasonable and ridiculous. How do you tell the worth of an individual by the amount of recharge card he purchases per unit? Can our leaders stop portraying us as a bunch of clowns to the whole world?

An average family of 4 complying with the stay at home order cannot live on five thousand Naira for even 2 days!

Two extra weeks of staying at home cannot be cushioned with a miserable sum of five thousand Naira! How can a family of two survive with that amount of money for 14 days, let alone larger families?

What if the five thousand you see in that account is their last resort?

Who did this to us?

Five thousand Naira?

I still cant believe that a human made this policy.

What a bad joke! Our leaders are really taking us for granted. Using the Nigeria street slogan, this is “MAD O”!

Since the greater percentage of Northerners do not SAVE money in BANKS, they are the likely sect that will qualify for and receive the N5000 PALLIATIVE while the South will not because they put their money in the Banks and a good number have up to N5000 in their account.

Yet another way of scheming the South out from receiving the so-called Palliative in broad day light.

Again, this is “MAD O”!

Okoye Chukwudi E.

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