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38 days to BNG live broadcast: Ralph Uwazurike and Nnamdi Kanu brought this upon us

One of the commanders of Biafra National Guard



There is no gainsaying that everything we have lost and continue to lose today as a result of this agitation was caused by Ralph Uwazurike and Nnamdi Kanu, yet, they couldn’t deliver Biafra. They deserve to take all the blame for their lack of bravery.

The worst case scenario in a mission is starting a mission you know you cannot finish and that has dawned on us. Nobody needs any prophet to tell us these two guys could not finish this mission they started and we are suffering the consequences today.

If Uwazurike didn’t start Biafra agitation in 1999, we won’t be seen as traitors in this contraption. We won’t be facing issue of trust in Nigerian politics. If Kanu didn’t start empty rants; we won’t have military scattered all over our land. We won’t have ESN and UGM killing our people. We won’t have everyone including but not limited to Fulani Herdsmen maiming us. They brought this killing upon us and we must stand our ground to end it all.

Ralph Uwazurike did his part; lost Hundreds of Thousands of Biafrans before he decided to soft pedal by changing strategy but unfortunately, the damage has been done. Nigeria from 1999 we started demanding for Biafra resurrected the fears of 1967 and decided to cage us further to avoid repeat. Our lives changed as soon as Ralph Uwazurike began calling for Biafra. After some years; we began to heal or approach the struggle politically, but Nnamdi Kanu surfaced with his radio from nowhere.

While we were still nursing the injury Ralph Uwazurike’s call for Biafra caused us and thinking about how to make amends as it appeared Biafra couldn’t be a possibility- but Nnamdi Kanu came with the message of Biafra coming today today.

Without knowing the only weapon Nnamdi Kanu had was his microphone; we fell for his tongue and agreed everything he said. We had a total turnaround and re-embraced Biafra with hope it would be done before anyone mentions Jack.

Slowly; we began to realize it was not an easy adventure and words are indeed cheap. Nnamdi Kanu would rather put us into trouble with his tongue and flashed some videos and pictures without having anything on ground. From Ralph Uwazurike’s flying pan; we fell into Nnamdi Kanu’s fire.

Nigerian government declared operation python dance which ultimately militarized our region and we began to die like flies in the hands of Nigerian soldiers. Instead of stop, he continued to talk and Nigeria continued to redeploy and reinforce. We were dying and he was talking, there was no constraint or common sense and Nigeria took him serious and made us her prey.

Fulani herdsmen in Nigerian army uniforms got provoked and began strategic ethnic cleansing against us. Politicians began to politick against our interest and everything came crumbling. Nnamdi Kanu did not stop; he believed propaganda would win the day, like it was not enough, he brought youths together and said we are battle ready. ESN gave rise to UGM.

Voom! Nigerian government moved to USA and acquired Tucano Aircraft (Bomber) we were still talking and Nigeria was busy reinforcing and preparing against us in disguise. His tongue put us into even bigger problem and there is certainly no way out of the trouble. Recently; Nigerian government bombed a boat conveying Biafrans and killing our people without constraint.

In Imo; our people are dying like flies, Fulani herdsmen and politicians have been mobilized against us and there is no escaping. They have surrounded us and closing in on us. Unfortunately, the man his mouth put us into the problem has been caught and where do we go from here?

BNG has shown interest in getting us out of the problem we are in today and the only language Nigeria can hear today is BNG’s language because they have spoken to us in that language. Their language is a complex one; a collusive language of extermination.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- Activist And Investigative Writer

Writes From Enugu

Gmail Address: ifeanyichijioke97@gmail

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