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30-yr-old Nigerian man dies of heart attack in UK


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A Nigerian man has reportedly died of a heart attack in the United Kingdom two months after his wife relocated there to join him.

A Nigerian doctor known as ‘OurfavOnlineDoc’ online, shared the sad story on X. He said the deceased who was just 31 slumped and died in Hull City.

He admonished Nigerians above 30 years of age to ensure they check their blood pressure regularly.

“A young Nigerian man died yesterday in Hull City UK from a heart attack. He slumped, collapsed and died.

“He was only 31 years old. His wife only moved to UK to join him two months ago.

“Dear young people, If you are 30 years and above, this is another reminder:

“Pls kindly do regular checkups.

“Especially your blood pressure.

“Pls check it every 6months.

“Go to your doctor,

“Do your weight, height, blood pressure and general medical checkup. Young people can die suddenly.

“If you are too busy or can’t get a doctor’s appointment, buy your own BP machine. It’s very cheap and you can order online or buy at any pharmacy.

“Check your BP at home.

“Check it at least once every 3-6months.

“If your BP is higher than 135/85, pls go and see your doctor. Or if it is lower than 90/60, pls see your doctor.

“An uncontrolled or undetected persistently high blood pressure can cause a stroke, permanent paralysis, sudden collapse, heart attack and death.

“Please take this advice seriously.

“Death can happen to anyone.

“Pls share this post. You may help save a life”.

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