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2027 Elections Won’t Change Nigeria Since Judges Decide Outcomes


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Those whose eyes are on the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria have already started manipulating the minds of Nigerians to focus on the 2027 Elections because the life of that 1999 Constitution, a known Forgery, gets renewed via the elections journey, and specifically when the Oath of Office to uphold and defend it is sworn by the declared winner.


Just like Judges decided the outcomes of presidential elections in 2019 (General Buhari’s second term), and in 2023 (Tinubu’s UNTENABLE presidency), they will also decide the outcome of the 2027 presidential election if Nigerians yet again allow themselves to be dragged along to elections.

When it comes to elections, Nigerians keep on doing the wrong thing that costs them dearly. They should NOT have gone to National Elections in 1964 when the unlawful suspension of the Constitution of the Western Region had created a constitutional crisis – but they did go and it led to Aburi, then the Biafra Genocide. Again, Nigerians should NOT have gone to elections in 1999 without first having seen the 1999 Constitution – but they did go and it led to a Forgery being foisted upon them as their “Constitution”, and that instrument of governance is the root cause of all the miseries they suffer, and from which those who can flee abroad. As successive National Elections that kept on renewing the life of the 1999 Constitution took place, the dysfunctional constitutional arrangement of Nigeria codified by the 1999 Constitution brought ever-worsening conditions for Nigerians. The leadership class always have their eyes on the 1999 Constitution as that is where they get their benefits and gains from, and this includes the Judiciary for ALL Judges in Nigeria swear an Oath of Office to uphold the 1999 Constitution and they are very much aware of the horrible consequences of doing so for the indigenous peoples of Nigeria.


Ultimately, in Nigeria, it is the Justices of the Supreme Court who determine who gets to be the winner of presidential elections. Since these Justices swear that Oath of Office to uphold a Forgery as “Constitution”, their allegiance is to it and its Caliphate owners, not to Nigerians. We saw that playing out in the 2023 elections in two notable ways, and the Justices will do the same thing if 2027 National Elections ever go ahead.


Firstly, in the 2023 presidential election the Justices of the Supreme Court completely ignored the amicus curiae from NINAS (the voice of indigenous Ethnic Nations) urging them after having an Honest and Truthful appraisal of the Nigeria Union created by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution to apply their unique powers of POLICY JURISDICTION that would:

  1. Stop the slaughter of Nigerians going on especially in the Middle Belt by Fulani for land grabbing (the Christmas Massacres in Plateau State would not have happened);
  2. End the miseries flowing from that 1999 Constitution;
  3. Stabilise this part of West Africa because the dysfunctional constitutional order causing Agitations and that also made it necessary to declare a Constitutional Force Majeure on 16th December 2020, would finally be Resolved.


Secondly, the Justices decided to uphold the UNTENABLE outcome of the 2023 presidential election. They know that Tinubu cannot validly be President of Nigeria from the election of February 25, 2023 yet supported the Election Tribunal verdict. For Tinubu to be called “President”, both the Electoral Law and the 1999 Constitution (Forgery though it is) were SET ASIDE. In fact, the entire presidential election (no matter who would be declared winner) was invalid since INEC completely departed from the MANDATORY requirement for electronic transmission of results from polling units to server under the Electoral Law.

NOTE: For full details why the 2023 presidential election outcome is UNTENABLE do read, Derailed Presidential Election, Distressed Constitution And Wobbling Union: Countdown To Transitioning” by NINAS Secretariat on 8th October 2023, link:



In conclusion, Judges of Nigeria have shown, and keep on showing what character they have, and it is living in a Fool’s Paradise to think that Nigeria’s Judges, a group in Leadership position that shamelessly swear an Oath of Office to uphold a FORGERY (1999 Constitution) can ever be interested in Justice or in Truth. As it was in 2019, then again in 2023, so shall it be in 2027. Nigerians do not need any prophet to predict that for them, even a reasonable eight year old would know it: in 2027, secret deals will be done and the Supreme Court Justices will make the “strongest man” to be called “President of Nigeria”, for, under the 1999 Constitution votes have never counted and so would still not count.

There is a Potent Solution. Although the Supreme Court Justices act as if Sovereignty is with them, the FACT remains that it is not. Sovereignty belongs to the indigenous Ethnic Nations. Therefore to stop State Capture, stop the slaughter of Nigerians by Fulani, stop the miseries – that fraudulent 1999 Constitution that enables them must be Terminated. There will be no Power Vacuum, and no anarchy because an ORDERLY PROCESS of Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation is available using the NINAS Template where the current arrangement is Transformed into Transitioning. All that is needed is that Nigerians who having Sovereignty, openly Reject that 1999 Constitution and Demand for Transitioning.



Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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