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2024: Edo State needs a shepherd governor — LP Chairman, Abure


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The National Chairman of Labour Party, Comrade Barrister Julius Abure, has advocated for a shepherd governor ahead of 2024 gubernatorial election, saying it is only a servant leader that can liberate Edo State from her man-made affliction and regrettable poverty.

Comrade Abure made the assertion while delivering his speech on the occasion of a Colloquium and Hall of Fame Award in his Honour, by Edo Policy Round Table, in association with Mudiame University, Irrua, which holds at Bishop Kelly Pastoral Centre on the 2nd Day of November, 2023.

The National Chairman of the Labour Party appreciated the organizers of the event, just as he was pleased to share the following notes with the audience on the way forward for Edo State.

“The numerous challenges of the country and of our dear state are, no doubt, a result of poor leadership. This is the consensus amongst scholars, academia and even the politicians themselves.

“Generally, in Nigeria, the sources of our strength are paradoxically the basis of the county’s challenges and albatross.

“The discovery of oil for instance, which ought to have a multiplier effect on the existing agriculture and other sectors unfortunately made us a “Resource cursed nation” because of bad leadership.

“Luckily democracy as a form of government gives us an opportunity to periodically elect those who will run the affairs of government.

“Hence, we cannot afford to make another mistake in Edo 2024.

“We have just concluded the so-called 2023 general election which again failed to meet the general expectations of the people of Nigeria.

“Edo State governorship election will be held in September next year based on the timetable released by INEC.

“As a people who have suffered bad leadership and mismanagement, we must make the right choice this time around in order to have a better state that we can all be proud of.

“I believe Edo people need what I can call or term a shepherd governor. Then, Who is a shepherd governor?

“A Shepherd is a person who is committed to the flock and one responsible for guiding them and attending to their needs.

“Similarly, a shepherd governor is one who will be committed to the people, guiding, leading, attending to their needs and providing for them.

“He must be selfless and ready to take risks and make personal sacrifices at all times in the interest and well-being of Edo people. He must be ready to be in the front to find solutions to the plethora of challenges confronting the state.

“We no longer want a governor who would lament like the followers over the challenges of the state.

” Labour Party is ready to provide such a governor for next year’s election and we expect our people to do the needful.

“We need a Bridge-Builder governor to be elected next year. He must have the capacity to bring all shades of persons together in order to achieve the objectives of developing the state. He should be a unifier governor.

“The task of rebuilding our dear state and repositioning it for effective service delivery to our people requires the support of all Edo people.

“The person must have innovative ideas and openness to harness our resources and create wealth for the state. We cannot afford to vote for a governor who will sit idly and wait for only Federal Allocation without harnessing the resources of the state to create wealth.

“Edo is situated on a fertile land of approximately twenty thousand square kilometers with a population of five million people which we can take advantage of.

“The fact that our state is an oil-producing state, and strategically positioned as a cross-country location, makes networking with our neighbours easy.

“We have 52% of the country’s total foreign remittances, as announced by the immediate past Minister of Interior, which engenders diaspora-induced wealth creation and is capable of eradicating poverty if properly harnessed.

“Policies around these huge resources by experts can be converted to wealth by a focused Shepherd Governor.

“Besides the appointment of eggheads into key positions to drive a development agenda, the Labour Party’s Shepherd Governor will organise from time to time a collaborative event with policymakers, researchers, and academics in order to initiate, identify and evaluate real targets of government goals.

“Specifically, there are many areas in which the Labour Party Governor, in my view would be interested. For the purpose of time and this colloquium, I shall limit myself to six (6) areas as follows”, Comrade Abure said.

The National Chairman further emphasized the five cardinal goals of the Labour Party toward societal stability which includes wealth creation and poverty eradication; Security, proper local government administration, productive education, healthcare delivery system as well as infrastructural development as the only panaceas to reclaim Edo from the precipice. Read more.


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