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2023: Yoruba group seeks to unite Yorubas home & abroad towards new dawn

Says 2023 elections is a primrose path for the Nigerian entity


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Think Yoruba First Worldwide (TYF), a Yoruba nationalist organization, hereby call the entire world and the Nigerian public to the attention of a cataclysmic chaos that is about to engulf the Nigerian polity. Nigeria since its existence has continually been at the precipice because of the faulty foundation on which the country was formed which was to benefit the British colonialists in the first place.

For many decades, several intellectuals across ethnic divides in Nigeria have called on different Nigerian regimes on the need, to renegotiate and restructure Nigeria by the ethnic constituents that make up the Nigerian federation in order to avert another Afghanistan or Congo in Nigeria.

Despite all these patriotic calls, nothing has been done by those in authority.

It is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that Nigeria needs restructuring and renegotiation not another “Kangaroo” election that seeks to legitimize an illegitimate election.

We hope that the voice of reason will prevail and those in authority will know that the renegotiation of the Nigerian polity based on the will of people is the fundamental solution to the Nigerian problem not another election.

Think Yoruba First (TYF) is a non-profit organisation founded to promote the charitable, religious, educational, scientific and cultural cause of the Yorùbá.

The Yorùbá are primarily found in South-Western, South-South and north central Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Serria Lonne, Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and Jamaica.

The Yorùbá as the pride of the black race hails from the Western Region of present-day Nigeria. From its inception of the Yorùbá, Ile-Ife has been the cradle of Yorùbá people and considered to be the site of the creation of Mother Earth, it is from Ile Ife that civilization arose for the Black race and spread out into the world.

Yorùbá Culture, Language, Arts, Religion and Ethos are at the forefront of black civilizations.

Although Yorùbá intoxicating culture was able to survive the western domination, transatlantic slave trade and various horrors of the colonial era, various challenges and current day realities have led to the continuous decline of its Culture, Language, Arts, Religion and Ethos.

While the Yorùbá’s are so resilient, years of trials and turmoil that have swept their land and dislocated a lot of our people have led to immense socio-cultural erosion and there is an urgent need for a renaissance.

TYF aims to connect Yorùbá people and friends both at home and abroad to join forces towards a new dawn for the Yorùbá. This renaissance will relocate the Yorùbá back to their inner core of ỌMỌLÚÀBÍ

We are a community open to the public through various social media platforms. We will be glad to have you among us on this journey to a better tomorrow for the Yorùbá

We have regular educative forums on various subjects including History, Philosophy, Geo-Politics, Economics and Science from the perspectives of the Yorùbá in an attempt to provide an understanding of the achievements of this ancient civilisation suppressed by the current realities.

Think Yoruba First (TYF) works to promote and defend the interest of the Yorùbá people in order to deepen and expand the active relationship of all Yorùbá’s both at home and abroad so as to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among Yorùbá.


President of Think Yoruba First
Comrade Oladimeji Bolarinwa
Secretary General of Think Yoruba First
Dr. Adebukola
Manager of Think Yoruba First
Comrade Femi Akinsola

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