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2023: Jack-Rich A Possible Game Changer? — By Ohia Israel


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As the nation prepares and searches for a credible candidate ahead of the 2023 General election, one man the his name rings a bell, who is ready to take the mantle of leadership in Aso Rock seat of power is Tein T.S Jack-Rich, the President and founder of BELEMAOIL and JACK-RICH FOUNDATION.

For a man whose business acumen and philanthropic outreach cut across the federation, whose quantum of wealth he has acquired is channeled as key economic engine to pursue the strategic development and growth of Nigeria and Africa in general, shows that there is no one better and eminently qualified to become Nigeria’s President when President Buhari leaves office in 2023.

His foundation, JACK-RICH FOUNDATION has touched lives in monumental ways that is beyond any foundation in Nigeria.

At a time when the country yearns for someone of pedigree and one who can change the scope of things within the landscape of Nigeria, Jack-Rich is the answer.

Already, Jack-Rich has all answers to myriads of Nigeria’s many problems, that look insurmountable, but the answer lies in his mantra ‘VISION FOR A PROSPEROUS NIGERIA IS T.E.I.N’ brings the solution to all these issues bedeviling the country.

To Jack-Rich what his name TEIN means are; Technology, Education, Innovative-Industrialization, National Integration brings the needed cutting edge in taking the country to highest level where it will compete favourably with counterparts in the world.

According to Jack-Rich, he believes that with T.E.I.N., you become JACK-RICH and that JACK-RICH means “strong and wealthy”.

What the above summation means is that for Nigeria and its people if Jack-Rich becomes the country’s President in 2023, The economy will be Strong and Wealthy as its policies will promote indigenous technological advancement, to massively realize local productivity and enable export-driven trade.

Nigeria will be strong and wealthy as it will also produce what she consume and consume what she produce.

Jakc-Rich believes in Nigeria developing capacity to earn local trust, and foreign confidence to join the world’s most creative economic leagues like G20 and to be a friend of G7.

To him, when you are able to collaborate with differential capacities to enable your country produce more, sell more, save more, invest more and consume less, you create innovative jobs for citizens today and tomorrow.

Jack-Rich’s mantra, VISION FOR A PROSPEROUS NIGERIA, VPN, is centered on four strategic economic coordinates called ‘T.E.I.N.’

His VPN is equally tailored to ensure 3-tactical economic rafters which he calls “The Upstream Economic Tripod” for national well-being.

These are Industrialization of all Sectors, Environmental Protection and Social Security.

VPN is also premised on large digital data acquisition, analysis, Research and Development that creates commodifiable all-round market frontiers foreveryone, including enabling the informal economy to be brought into the strategic formal economic value chain.

Taking Nigeria out of the quagmire it found itself, he believes in the creation of four more strategic industrial-pipeline hot-spots, to enable large ticket trade and all-year-round irrigation for farmers within the corridors of the Numan river port for the north-east market, Jebba river port to cover north-west, Makurdi river port to enable north central, Onitsha river port for south-east growth and to activate existing four traditional trading ports as stimulants for massive national industrial growth.

Jack-Rich sees Leadership as giving direction to human advancement for the sustainable well-being of society, and the overall wellness of those in diaspora. That is why his Leadership model is designed to captivate our unique diversity and ensure inclusiveness.

His model transcends geography and stakeholders’ sensitivity to social inclusion. It goes beyond the tides of ethnocentrism, cultural antagonism and religious bigotry. His Mantra is for everyone, and his not against anyone.

Jack-Rich Leadership model permeates language and political party divides, to encapsulate maximum development, utilisation and growth of our organic indigenous-driven resource, to produce a strong, wealthy and sustainable societal well-being.

One which boundaries cut across different economic corridors and capable of competing with any G7, E7 or G20 economic league, to achieve a cutting-edge know-how in driving generational wealth transfer and cruise the economy on a level-playing field for all citizens at home and in diaspora as to pursue noble dreams.

He believe the creation of a strong national food and agricultural technology industrialization innovative ecosystem to ensure national food security and rural community industrialization for growth sustainability, reduce rural-urban migration which will prevent cultural extinction as a result of lack of opportunities in the rural areas.

Taking the country to an Eldorado of highest level has already been spelt out and prepared by Jack-Rich, giving a clue of what to expect when he takes over the mantle of leadership of the country come 2023.


We have the heuristic to move from high foreign goods and services dependency hitting our currency hard with overbearing trade deficit to truly indigenous market independence. We can industrialize the oil and gas sector and pull out heavy earnings to fund food and agricultural technology industrialization and products’ innovation for rapid and aggressive economic prosperity.

Taking advantage of agricultural full value chain potential, relying on organic resource as critical economic game-changer is truly economic freedom.

E7 economic powerhouses are significant economic flashpoints to our children
children’s future, and their sustainable national security.

2023 our population hits 223.6m, in 50 years it will be 709m, in 100yrs pop will be at 1.235 billion (85.3% of today’s China).

In 500yrs (2520), Nigeria’s population is likely to be 7.4 billion (98.9% of world pop). We have to hit the ground running by building our children’s children future today before they get knocked out by the world most rapidly advancing capitalists.

We need swift policy redirection, using our human and material resources to generate needed multiplier effects.

Here, indigenous capacity development is considered the main gateway to sustainable economic liberation.

Incentivise oil and gas corporates to fully develop/commodify hydrocarbon value chain, promote education, science/tech development, R&D, strategic innovation and invest in Agricultural Industrialization for national security.

Empower and trust indigenous capacity as our main payout-checks for guaranteed social investment and to create shared value.

Average agricultural produce we consume is 1.5 tonnes per annum each of 223.6M population (2023 population). This creates annual revenue of 1.5t x 223.6 x 360,000 per tonne equals N120.7 Trillion p.a, is not fiction, it is a realistic capacity value if we develop agriculture (crop, livestock, fishery and forestry).

Looking at different regimes of purchasing power parity (PPP) In GDP term with increased productivity, N93.06 trillion is a huge economic surplus using different exchange rate conditions:
A1. N120.7 Trillion÷400/USD = $302 Billion USD.
A2. N120.7 Trillion ÷250/USD = $483 Billion USD.
A3. N120.7 Trillion ÷120/USD = $1 Tillion USD.
A4. N120.7 Trillion ÷ 42/USD = $2.9 Tillion USD
A5. N120.7 Trillion ÷ 3/USD = $40.2 Tillion USD

The analysis above shows that Oil and Gas is not a great economic future but economic cash-cow gateway to our future. Massively support our farmers today to save and secure tomorrow. Incentivise corporates to encourage our farmers to secure our Communities for safer and better tomorrow where agricultural entrepreneurs can thrive.

Our nation’s prosperity is dependent on the wisdom of the old and energy of the young.
A large number of our youth with no food or job is an impending threat to a secure future.
We are a great Nation, yes we are, and can start a great shift in paradigm today.

The Chinese say; the best time to plant a tree was 20years ago, the next best time for us is now.


As an industrialist operating in the 5th era of industrial revolution, world leading operators understand the economic policy of today, as one which is cable of purpose-driven smart innovations.

Thus, science and technology is the integration of deep multilevel cooporation where humans, machines and artificial intelligence drive profitable economic consciousness to engineer measurable economic growth.

The understanding of these models is the establishment of economic policies that develop our human resource, taking us away from operating a multi-billion dollar economy to a multi-trillion dollar economy to support surging population growth.

It also means building and supporting on-going massive infrastructural projects ie. Roads, Bridges, Railways, Seaports, Airports Rehabilitation and Industry-focused investments, to support our economic model.

It equally entails a progression on massive Marine transportation openings, Internal/External Trading Ports investment, including but not limited to Ship building/maintenance yards, opening up Dockyards, Canals/Rivers up north and creating a market link down south, with flowing inland water ways to promote industrial growth. It also means upgrading of airports to handle prevailing population and market size to engage in Trillion Dollar economic activities.

Upon establishment of the foregoing, industrialization of sectors can thrive and make giant strides, in building a profitable private sector driven Trillion Dollar economy.
Import dependency, which hitherto has left us behind the bars of weak purchasing power parity and multi-billion dollar economic deficit, is the showcasing, promoting, consuming and spending of what we don’t produce.

Investment in infrastructural development enablers will foster economic wellness, by positioning our local marketplace goods and services for consumption, thereby strengthening the economy.

The resultant effect will be to steer our economy away from promoting foreign economic growth without a sustainable benefit to our local growth.


Society becomes safer and enjoyable when the rich thinks of the poor and help the poor change status. Until the well-to-do realises that creating special interest in helping the poor acquire skills, education and jobs, the overall society isn’t yet safe or rich. Safety for all is empowering your indigenous capacity the more as a strategic partner to policy maker, for a prosperous and sustainable better future.

An enabled indigenous capacity is one creating investments and meeting other social needs of the society and helping the poor in order to add value to national GDP.

A population with 78% dependency can only reduce its pressure bar on its 22% workforce by invoking super high frequency jobs in agriculture, tech innovation, education, production, manufacturing, great healthcare, high trade and coherent economic policy and strategic plans to achieve it.
Be a patriotic citizen today.

Help the poor, help those who help the poor. Help those who love the poor and create jobs for them, for our safety and national security lies therein.

Use your position to create/add value to family GDP, Community/state GDP and to national GDP always. Add value to humanity, your team, your community and nation at large.

Be patriotic, stop hate, give love, love Nigeria, bless Nigeria, you can pay a little more for made in Nigeria product to advance our economy for our national security, talk good of Nigeria, pray daily for Nigeria and pray for our President/leadership to do well.
Let Love Lead…

Make Nigeria Rich Again


As I look deep into the future! I see a pursuit of fiscal balance, monetary stability, exchange rate stability, structural reforms, trade liberalization as key magic ingredients to macroeconomic enablers and stability.
Do you expect economic growth to build market confidence and enable capital flows to match job creation? Then buy in and set your data right.

Get in too, and fix micro-economics parametric. Market data, population data, growth rate, inflation, demographic sensitivity, forecast on demand and supply, and other engines of economic stimulus.

You need to know where you are now, SWOT analysis, total large data analysis is key.
Then apply leadership by opening up your market. No game, kick out laws creating economic burden that refuses economic expansion, GDP, GNP and GNV growth.
Just don’t hold back because a-do-nothing scenario is threat to any country’s national security.

Be patriotic, show love and Let Love Lead.


We can’t count on a Country that has no regard for civil right and foreign citizens basic human rights in their Country.

How can we believe in such Country and sign deals to trade in their currency yet have no regard for our citizens residing in their Country?

If you believe in a nation that has no respect for your poor citizens in their Country, it means they don’t believe in you too.

They will soon shut down your economic ability and dependence too.

The only solution is driving local productivity up and dependency on foreign currency will drop drastically.

That’s the only solution to our falling =N=. Purchasing power parity solution is driving local productivity to meet need, just as those we count on do too.

Trading in their currency isn’t short way to prosperity but smartest way to economic hell and perils in their hands. Protecting and preserving generations unborn is taking a strategic action today for a preserved future. Love Nigeria, pray daily for her and Let
Love Lead…

Be a patriotic citizen today.
Help the poor, help those who help the poor. Help those who love the poor and create jobs for them, for our safety and national security lie therein.

Always use your position to create/add value to family GDP, Community/state GDP and to national GDP. Add value to humanity, your team, your community and nation at large.

Be patriotic, stop hate, give love, love Nigeria, bless Nigeria, you can pay a little more for made in Nigeria product to advance our economy for our national security, talk good of Nigeria, pray for Nigeria daily and pray for our President/leadership to do well.
Let Love Lead

Make Nigeria Strong & Wealthier


You are not Strong and Wealthy until you empower your indigenous resource, having understood your organic needs and consumptions to create strong and wealthy economy.

Your economy becomes strong and wealthy when you subtract Gross Domestic Product from Gross National Product and realize a positive Gross National Value (GNP-GDP=GNV).

Your GNV is only threshold to negotiate your position in the frontier of global economic meanderings, currently domiciled in the cold-hands of the world most advanced economic corridors and pot of the world most advancing economic wallets.

Don’t look down on your indigenous resource; build it for our children’s children today, so they too can build on a solid resource base tomorrow. The positive use of our young population today is the brain-box to drive needed kinetic energy resource, to produce human value for public use and good.

No hate, be patriotic, just love and Let Love Lead.


Even if we have to spend a little more to reach the top of economic independence where our indigenous capacities are enabled to reach set goals, we must do it for national security.

As highly sophisticated as the West/G7 nations, they are so skeptical in entrusting their future in foreign supplies from top E7 markets, why aren’t we doing same to protect our children’s children future by building capacity?.

Please let’s wake up and change for our national security today.

Massively empower and develop indigenous capabilities because that is a secured future. No hate give love.

Use your position to create/add value to family GDP, Community/state GDP and to national GDP always. Add value to humanity, your team, your community and nation at large.

Be patriotic, stop hate, give love, love Nigeria, bless Nigeria, you can pay a little more for made in Nigeria product to advance our economy for our national security, talk good of Nigeria, pray for Nigeria daily and pray for our President/leadership to do well.


Your access to wealth is not for you, your family and immediate communities alone. It is not for your home state or geopolitical zone alone.

It is not also meant to pull down those you consider weak.

Your access to wealth is not to fight or subdue those you consider bitter enemies.
Your access to wealth is not to fill your stomach before sharing with others, It is to be shared beyond your nose line. It is to hunger for others to break bread through you and make it a service for humanity. Stop hate, be smart, love others even when you know they preach otherwise.


Taking Nigeria’s economy to the Trillion Dollar economic league and driving a sustainable Trillion Dollar economy, is moving the economic bar to private sector frontiers.

This can be achieved through enablers of private sector enhanced industrial revolution, to create more jobs, capable of migrating the work-force to the middle class where they can pursue a career and join the million and billion dollar economic club.

The Key enabling engines are trade liberalization and an all inclusive privatization. Public sector policy promoters and private sector’s policy drivers can let go of private sector businesses to the private sector because they don’t need it to promote organic economic growth.

Rather, letting the economy out of their controlled wallets to the private sector of our Republic, to drive profitable rapid economic growth is the winning engine we need to have our voice in a technologically advancing era.
All policy makers need is to acquire the know-how, to understand how to establish cutting-edge processes, then use those processes to manage and measure the amount of wealth created in GNI (Gross National income) and GDP terms.

I tell you, with this, economic growth can transition itself time after time by creating appetites for market to innovate through science and technology.

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