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2019: Rivers & Politics of Peace, Unity & Prosperity —By George Kerley

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One man who has not hidden his intention to govern Rivers State in the past fifteen years is Dumo Lulu Briggs.

Unlike the many others contending for the office of the Governor of Rivers State, he does not come from the stable of Former Governor Peter Odili.

As a result, he comes to the table without political blemish. He has never been known to be desperate for power and is known to never go out of his way just for the lure of power.

Like Muhammadu Buhari and his long persistence for the office of the Presidency, Dumo Lulu Briggs has continued to make himself available for the office of the Governor of Rivers state since 2003 when he was flagbearer of the National Democratic Party (NDP) and ran against the then incumbent Governor, Dr. Peter Otunaya Odili.

While he did not succeed at that time, he did give Peter Odili a run for his money.

With followership that ran across all the nooks and crannies of the state, Dumo Lulu Briggs showed that he had that capacity to command political followership and leadership.

Young, strong and filled with brilliant ideas, including a capacity and ability to listen to better ideas, 2019 will be another opportunity for the Kalabari born businessman to test his relevance in the political space of Rivers State as the All Progressive Party (APC) continues to jostle for a gubernatorial flag bearer in the 2019 elections.

A graduate of Ahmadu Bello University and the London School of Economics, Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs is the Chairman of Platform Petroleum and a top director at Seplat Energy.

The 2019 elections in Rivers state will be seen by many as an opportunity to correct the political imbalance in Rivers state brought by the adoption and eventual selection of Nyesom Wike as Governor of Rivers State in May 2015.

For the first time in the history of Rivers State, one ethnic group, the Ikwerre ethnic nationality has had the opportunity to hold on to power for more than 8 straight years.

First, it was Amaechi. And then, Nyesom Wike who has so far ran three years out of a four-year tenure.

The political battle between Amaechi and Wike has more or less damaged the psyche of Rivers people in the past three years. Never before has Rivers state been this divided and politically polluted.

There is a need for a total healing of the land and a quest for fresh politicians who will cleanse the land from filth, bad blood, animosity, and rancor.

The measure of hatred, deceit and viciousness has become too much for the common man in Rivers State.

People like Dumo Lulu Briggs who hails from Kalabari ethnic nationality and enjoys strong followership across the length and breadth of Rivers State should lead this revolution for the political liberation and emancipation of Rivers State.

He should extend a hand of friendship and fellowship to the Ogoni ethnic nationality, another shortchanged ethnic group and build a movement to bring about peaceful and purposeful political leadership in Rivers State.

It is time for a new set of political leaders in Rivers state, leaders who will propagate a politics devoid of hate, blackmail, treachery, and wickedness.

Leaders who will propagate love and show great concern for the growth and advancement of Rivers people rather than their egos.

Leaders who will work for Rivers people and not for themselves.

Leaders who will work tirelessly to bring peace, unity, prosperity, and progress to Rivers State.

Leaders who are human and are not driven by their ego.

Leaders who will not steal Rivers state blind.

Leaders who will not channel the resources of Rivers State to advance their vain pursuits.

Leaders who will work hard every day to bring prosperity to families across Rivers State.

Leaders who will make sure that the resources of Rivers State are invested heavily in Rivers people.

This is the reason why the clamor for Dumo Lulu Briggs has been on the rise in the past months and years. He represents such a one.

A seasoned and accomplished businessman and also a trained lawyer, his exposure, education, and pedigree have long prepared him for this particular journey of service to mankind and humanity.

Rivers state needs a man of peace.

There can be no development without peace.

George Kerley writes from Port Harcourt; kerley.george@gmail.com.

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