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19-yr-old die of overdose drug while trying to impress lady on bed


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A young man, identified as Lucky, has lost his life after he allegedly took an overdose of some enhancement ahead of bedroom activities with a hook-up lady.

According to reports, the incident occurred at Oton, after the Vigilante Checking Point, Sapele, Delta State on the morning of Thursday, December 7.

Lucky was said to be hale and hearty until he allegedly ingested loads of drugs before engaging in intimate activity with the lady he picked up for overnight enjoyment.

It was disclosed that the late Lucky paid the girl 50k for their encounter, and was determined to have his money worth of fun with her.

However, the late Lucky could only manage two rounds when he started to feel uncomfortable and restless, according to the lady.

The lady explained that after their sexual encounter, Lucky suddenly became distressed and hit her phone on the ground in the process.

She disclosed that she was unaware that he was grappling with the effects of drug use.

While narrating the events of the night further, the lady said she noticed that Lucky was no longer responsive around 4am in the morning.

She confessed that she hurriedly left Lucky’s house with his phone but later realized that she forgot her own phone at Lucky’s place.

She returned to his house to pick up her phone; by then, Lucky’s neighbours were awake and questioned her.

Her nervous disposition alerted the neighbours that something must have gone amiss, especially as they were not hearing any noise from Lucky’s apartment.

They entered the apartment and saw him sprawled on the ground in only his boxers, lifeless.

The lady was apprehended and handed over to the police who have since commenced an investigation.

Police operatives have collected the two phones belonging to the lady and the deceased while evacuating the body from the scene.

Efforts are currently ongoing to track down the family members of the deceased, as he stayed alone with no neighbours knowing any of his relatives.


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