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12th June ~ a poem by Janet James


The blaring sounds of the biggle,

Reminds us of  ” democracy”.

Standing akimbo to see the sun,

Exposing the blood in our

Beautiful colored flag

Green, white and Green,

Flying aimlessly in the air.

How can freedom be symbolized with chains?

The anthem has lost its rhythms,

The flag is about to fall

Freedom is defined in chains.

In the carriage of clanging chains,

Freedom is being proclaimed..

Our demo of democracy is crazy

Leaving us with the shock of absurdity….

How can a nation be held bound by the chains

Of terrorism, kidnapping , rituals, nepotism, selfishness,

Greed and corruption?

How can a nation celebrate freedom

When citizens can only whisper and not yell?

Freedom has become a disease

For the nation where the citizens never fly,

But only perceives the scent

Of the robust soup of freedom.

Maybe,when we break the chains,

We can truly see the light of freedom

Through the lens of our free mind.

I am Jeenioluwa.

©Copyright 2022 News Band

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