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1 Egyptian soldier killed as Israel, Egypt exchange fire near Rafah


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Egyptian and Israeli soldiers on Monday exchanged gunfire near Rafah and one Egyptian soldier was killed in the firing, according to a report.

Since taking over the Rafah crossing, Israel appeared to have angered Egypt, after maneuvering without agreeing to Egyptian terms and conditions, or even seeking a prior permission.

The crossing is largely controlled by Egypt, although Hamas has upper hand on the other side of the border.

Egypt had threatened to cut ties and walk away from decades of treaty if Israel took over Rafah, but reports said Israel would takeover the crossing in coordination with Egypt, dousing tension of possible regional war.

The operation in Rafah has taken toll on Hamas, whose only way of smuggling arms has been blocked. Since incursion into Rafah, Israeli Defence Forces Have found tunnels connecting Gaza Strip with Egypt- where arms are smuggled into the Strip.

While the Israeli military confirmed a “shooting incident on the Egyptian border”, it did not share any specifics.

The Hebrew newspaper Maariv has reported sources in the Israeli military as saying that Egyptian soldiers had opened fire at Israeli troops who then returned the fire. The report said no Israeli soldier was understood to be killed.

The development comes at a time when Israel-Egypt tensions are running high over reports of Egypt’s duplicity in the hostage talks and the Israeli seizure of the Rafah border crossing.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the Israeli military said, “A few hours ago, there was a shooting incident on the Egyptian border, the subject of the investigation, a dialogue is taking place with the Egyptian side.”

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