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Woman cancels Bolt ride after driver called her ‘darling’ in PH


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A Nigerian lady, Alma Asinobi, has narrated how she cancelled a ride after the driver addressed her as ‘darling’.

She took to her official X handle to narrate her experience.

She wrote, “I ordered a Bolt in PH and the driver called me.

I said, “Hi, good evening”

Driver: “Hello darling, how are you doing?”

Me, completely bewildered, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Driver, “I said how are you doing, darling?”

Darling ke? I just hung up and cancelled the ride,” she posted on Saturday, November 11.

“I don’t think anything has left me this speechless in a long time. Darling as in how? From where to where? Port-Harcourt please.”

Onyekachi B. Ucheagwu while reacting to the incident tweeting with @kachiucheagwu wrote, “This is hilarious and shocking for someone who is well-traveled to react in this manner over a harmless compliment. Don’t be hard on yourself cos life is not that serious. Would you have cancelled the ride if the same scenario played out in any of the foreign countries you’ve been to?”

But others said the lady did the right thing because the driver was unprofessional.

@itam31563 wrote, “Which foreign country is it OK pls. That’s unprofessional and should be called out. In the so-called foreign country some compliments are regarded as sexual harassment.”


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