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Why Russia’s mass missile strikes ceased — Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate


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Defence Intelligence believes that the Russian Federation is getting ready for the next large-scale missile attack, accumulating rockets, exploring new targets and gathering intelligence.

According to Yahoo News, Skibitskyi was asked about the cause of the “pause” in Russia’s mass missile strikes in Ukraine. Is the Russian Federation waiting for something?

Quote: “First of all, new intelligence is being gathered of the infrastructure that has been targeted before.

Secondly, it is a classic approach: they study the regions and targets which are going to be attacked.

Lastly, missiles are being prepared for deployment. This takes time.

Taking into account that Russian reserve of missiles dwindles, forcing them to use old, Soviet-produced missiles, maintenance is required before utilising them.”

Details: According to Mr Skibitskyi, Defence Intelligence has detected that Russians are using the old Kh-22 missiles, many of which have exploded mid-air without ever reaching the target.

Skibitskyi reported that the occupiers are using their strategic reserve among particular ammunition, because “30% is a limit that always has to be left over”.

Quote: “We see by the debris from the used missiles that they were produced this year. That means they are used immediately after manufacturing.

How long this reserve will last depends entirely on production. It has fallen in comparison to the pre-war period but, unfortunately, the Russian Federation is still able to manufacture cruise missiles and other types of weaponry used in Ukraine, bypassing economic sanctions.”

Details: Skibitskyi has also informed that Russia transported ammunition from the territory of Belarus: “For the last 2 months, Russia has been transporting 122mm and 152mm artillery ammunition.”

He adds that there is no indication of them transporting OTR-21 Tochka missiles [a Soviet tactical ballistic missile – ed] from Belarus.

Skibitskyi assumes that Russia has enough reserves to inflict attacks with their own armaments.

At the same time, he asserts that the occupiers are negotiating about supplying weapons from other countries.

In particular, this applies to multiple launch rocket systems such as Smerch and Uragan, as the manufacturing in Russia is not widespread, which drives shortages.

According to the information from the Defence Intelligence, Russia has conducted negotiations with Iran in respect to replenishment of the country’s arsenal of ballistic missiles: “There are agreement drafts between Russia and Iran, but we haven’t seen any supplies made yet.”

Why this is important: Russia has been launching large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine since 10 October. The Russian terrorists strike Ukraine’s infrastructure facilities with a part of those missiles. Civilians’ houses often appear to be targets of Russian missiles or drones.

Russia is trying to “persuade” Ukraine to have “negotiations” by such attacks. Ukraine does not fall for this manipulation of the Russians.

Apart from 24 February, the Russians carried out large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine on 10 October, 31 October, 15 November and 23 November.

Moreover, as a result of the Russian attack on energy infrastructure facilities of Ukraine on 18 October, two thermal power plants were significantly damaged. Three people were killed in Kyiv. Those were employees of one of the facilities affected. Read more.


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