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Why I kicked against my son’s marriage to Wofai Fada — Kunle Cole


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Engineer Kunle Cole, the father-in-law of Wofai Fada has explained the reasons for his objection to the marriage between the actress and his son.

This explanation follows the engagement of Wofai Fada to her lover, Taiwo Cole in Ugep, Cross River State.

In a leaked conversation between Taiwo’s father and his friend, the engineer said he was opposed to the wedding because his advice on how to proceed was ignored leading to him publishing a disclaimer over the wedding.

He pointed out that Wofai Fada is 38 years old, while his son is 30. He admitted that the marriage arrangement was briefly mentioned to him but proper channels were not followed.

He added that his son who met Wofai barely 7 months ago claimed she was pregnant with his child, hence, the rush to tie the knot without wasting time unlike his father’s suggestion to investigate her background.

“He doesn’t know the girl for more than 6 months; and you know we three Coles, Eko Oniru and Abeokuta and I told him we have to go through these routes. But he then proceeded to print wedding invitations. I was then called to the palace with him. When he was asked why he did that without my consent, he started pleading.

“This girl is 38 years old, and my son is 30. At the meeting at the palace, we deliberated on the way forward and we were asked to reach out to the bride’s family. Otunba and I reached out to the girl’s father. He said we should come in May and we were even saying, ‘Why May?’ The next thing we saw was a wedding invitation.”

“He said the girl was pregnant and we told him to cancel the wedding and allow the girl have her child in peace after which we would do the proper marriage rites. Only to wake up this morning to more than 40 calls that my son was having his wedding. His mother whom I divorced 27 years ago too was present at the wedding. That’s why we can never agree to the wedding.”

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