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Who Is Brainwashing Nigerians Over The Crisis Of Constitutional Logjam?


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08 April 2024



How can you change something if you do not understand what it is? For instance, what is Nigeria? You also need to know who your enemies are in order to fight back, and fight back correctly.




Brainwashing is indoctrinating, persuading, pressurizing, influencing, and moulding the mind of people to believe in lies and harmful information, in order to exploit, oppress or control them.


The worst brainwashing going on in Nigeria concerns the document known as the 1999 Constitution, a forgery. Over the decades since it was foisted upon Nigerians as an instrument of governance, people and groups of people most especially NINAS, the alliance of indigenous peoples of the South and Middle Belt had rejected that 1999 Constitution and called for an ORDERLY PROCESS of Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation. More recently, on 18 March 2024 during the Patriots’ Lagos Colloquium On The Constitutional Future Of Nigeria, chaired by Chief Emeka Anyaoku, (former Commonwealth Secretary-General), Nigeria’s eminent Leaders of thought including “Elder Statesmen, Governor of Lagos State, HE Babajide Sanwo-Olu, former Governors, serving and ex-Senators, Former Ministers, Traditional Rulers, Constitutional Lawyers, a number of Delegates to previous Constitutional Confabs of Nigeria, Leaders of thought, scholars, other members of the Nigerian public and the organisers”, unanimously Repudiated the 1999 Constitution as shown in their Communiqué stating that the 1999 Constitution:

** Has a flawed origin,

** Is illegitimate, and

** No number of “amendments” can ever make it a legitimate Constitution.


We should note that these factual statements obviously mean that Nigeria has NO CONSTITUTION ie there is no Union Agreement. Which also obviously means that there is NO UNION.

This most serious situation that should have been acknowledged back in 1999, puts Nigeria in a constitutional crisis, in a Constitutional Logjam. It has grave countrywide, continental, and international implications. We can foresee a coming day when Nigerians will need an answer to the question: Where are those in government drawing the powers that they are using?


It needs repeating: Nigeria has NO Constitution since the document called 1999 Constitution is illegitimate and thus is Dead. That means there is NO Union. Therefore, there is a constitutional crisis and Nigeria is in Constitutional Logjam.


This constitutional crisis ought to be swiftly rectified and there is already the NINAS Transitioning Template for Constitutional Renegotiation on the Table. There would be NO POWER VACUUM because existing governance structures would be transformed into a time-bound Transitioning where constituent Ethnic Nations would first of all agree to be in Union by Self-Determination Referendums, then after that decide how such a Union would be.


For Nigeria’s current constitutional crisis to continue to linger unnecessarily is the fault of those in government who unlike the eminent Leaders of thought at the recent national colloquium, still refuse to acknowledge the open truth that the 1999 Constitution is illegitimate and cannot be amended.

The 1999 Constitution effectively renders Nigerians slaves in their own homeland by hijacking the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of indigenous Ethnic Nations. It comes from the same Hellish pit as the American Slave Code (laws) that White America used to terrorise and hold down Enslaved Africans. Similarly, the 1999 Constitution brings about harm and devastation. It puts guns in the hands of the immigrant settler Fulani of Arab extraction who are slaughtering Nigerians for land grabbing. The 1999 Constitution is also the source of all the miseries that Nigerians (as slaves in their homeland) are persecuted with: lack of electricity, primitive or non-existent healthcare facilities, badly equipped educational institutions, filthy environments etc, although allowed to vote – their vote does not count, no rule of law, and no democracy.


Nigerians have been desperate for change for so long. Fixing this present crisis of Constitutional Logjam can bring about the “Change!” that Nigerians had been seeking before they went to the botched 2023 Elections, if they exercise their inalienable right of Sovereignty and demand Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation (the Five-Point NINAS Proposition). Such change can be a new Union as a Federation, or Confederation, or also independent Successor Countries.


Freedom from the 1999 Constitution and its miseries is available right now for the taking via Transitioning. So, WHO are those brainwashing Nigerians to SUBMIT THEMSELVES to the lies that they have a Constitution (aka Union Agreement), and that their Ethnic Nation is in a Union?


The main group brainwashing Nigerians are the indigenous political class, the Willing Tools who subscribe to the 1999 Constitution, sustain it, and Enforce it – even though they know it is illegitimate and is Dead. They do this for the reward of riches-for-life not only in Nigeria, but also in those places abroad where they, their spouses, and their children love to be, to escape that Nigeria they foist upon their own people.


The second group brainwashing Nigerians are the Helpers of the Willing Tool political class, chief among them is the Church. There is a history of this. It was the Church that sanctioned the kidnapping of Africans who were then dragged naked and in chains across the Atlantic to the so-called New World for a life of horrific violence as captive slaves of European land grabbers in the Americas and Caribbean. So too today, it is the Church that deceives its congregation that there is a Nigeria Union. Through claims of coming miracles and prosperity, millions of Nigerians are kept expectant in a Fool’s Paradise, where they are constantly told to “pray for Nigeria”, that false Union, and hoax. The brainwashing from the Church goes deep because of the culture of reverence and fear that many Nigerians have for their Church leaders especially for those who have obtained great wealth from tithes and offerings, or who hold exalted positions. Possibly the most diabolic aspect of brainwashing of Nigerians by the Church is hiding from them the message of Liberation from oppressors and captivity that is part of true Gospel teaching. Church leaders should have been the ones to open the eyes of Nigerians to their God-given right of Sovereignty, and should have therefore informed Nigerians about the NINAS Liberation campaign of Sovereignty and Self-Determination Restoration. Instead, the Church helped the Willing Tool political class by loading Nigerians onto the “Get your PVC!” 2023 elections journey. Even now the Church has not repented.


Others who help keep Nigerians brainwashed to believe that there is a Nigeria Union are Influencers, mainstream Media, the Nigerian Bar Association, and Civil Society.


De-brainwashing happens when enlightenment happens. De-brainwashing happens when Nigerians ask questions. The most important questions to ask today are: Is there a Nigeria Union? If yes, then where is its legitimate Union Agreement/Constitution? If no, then there is a constitutional crisis, so why the delay in having Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation (like South Africa had to fix its faulty Apartheid constitutional order)?


To assist in the De-brainwashing process, Nigerians should be on their guard when considering these things listed below that the Willing Tool political class and their Helpers use in brainwashing the populace:


  • Nigeria is a democracy


  • Restructuring


  • 2014 National Conference (Confab)


  • 1963 Constitution


  • Constitutional amendment or review


  • Parliamentary system


  • 2027 Elections


Off course they all sound good – that is the power of deception and brainwashing. The big issue that they ALL deny is the fact that there is No Union. Nobody alive can point to a legitimate Union Agreement (Constitution) for the entity called Nigeria. If there are unitarian Nigerians out there who want there to be a Nigeria Union going forward into the future, then the current constitutional crisis (Constitutional Logjam) needs to be addressed because given that indigenous Ethnic Nations have Sovereignty, the default position is independent Successor Countries.



Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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