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Whistleblower thrown into prison for investigating age racketeering in Police

Justice John Tsoho fingered in the conspiracy


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A whistleblower with the Save the Soul Transparency and Eagle Eye International Foundation, Dr. George D. Davidson, has been thrown into Kuje prison in Abuja for investigating age racketeering in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

News Band learnt that Dr. Davidson has been incarcerated in Kuje Prison since 31st October 2023.

Trouble started when, in a letter dated 24th July, 2023, with reference number CB4099/IGPSEC/MU/T.4/ADM/ABJ/VOL 22/114, Save the Soul Transparency and Eagle Eye International Foundation petitioned the Office of the Inspector General of Police over alleged age racketeering involving CSP James Idachaba, the OC Legal of the FCT Command of Nigeria Police.

The petitioners demanded amongst other things the Certified True Copy of the investigation report on the petition on CSP Idachaba, years of enrolment into NPF, date of birth and all documents of his enrollment info the NPF, as well as the CTC of the correspondences and outcome of petition from the Police Service Commission (PSC).

They pointed out that in one of his records at the Police Staff College, Jos, Idachaba stated his date of birth as 1964 and date of enlistment as 1980.

Sharia Court in trouble for detaining Dr. George Davidson
The whistleblower Dr. George Davidson

In another recorded handwritten statement, Idachaba stated his date of birth as 1966 and date of enlistment as 1986.

Meanwhile, in the attestation form filled at the Police College in Kaduna, it was revealed that his real date of birth was 1955, date of enlistment was 01/08/1975 with Force No.24129.

On his part, Idachaba claimed that Justice Oyewumi Oyebiola has waived the record of his enlistment as a Recruit.

See the attached document below:

NPF responded accordingly in a letter dated 18th August, 2023, in respect of the subject matter and in compliance with the inspector General of Police’s directive.

See the attached document below:

In its conclusion, the Office of the Inspector General of Police found that:

  1. CSP James Idachaba falsified his records of service in order to gain undue advantage by remaining in service beyond the stipulated years for retirement as provided by Public Service Rule Section 020810 (1) and (ii) that either 35years of service or 60years of age whichever one comes first.
  2. That CSP James ldachaba is now 68 years of age and has served for 48 years in the Force despite the said Court judgment, he has still outlived his years of service by age having attained the age of 60years since 2015 i.e. 8 years after his cadet training in the year 2000.
  3. That there is a ‘prima fade’ case of Falsification of Age, Date of Enlistment and Giving False Information to mislead the investigation team established against the said officer.

It is therefore recommended that disciplinary action be initiated against the officer and that all his records with the Force relating to his age and date of enlistment as a Constable be amended and to read thus:

  • Date of birth: 1955
  • Date of enlistment as a Constable: 01/08/1975.

It was also ordered that the officer’s salary be stopped forthwith while he should be made to refund to the Federal Government every single Kobo he has earned after 2015 when he attained the age of 60 years in service.

See the attached document:

It, therefore, came as a rude shock to observers when it was learnt that Davidson was incarcerated in prison following the expose over some trumped-up charges.

In reaction, the Save the Soul Transparency and Eagle Eye International Foundation, in a letter with reference number ST6/2202349b, dated 1st November, 2023, and addressed to the National Security Advisor to the President, and the Inspector General of Police, has called for his immediate release.

The group, in the letter signed by Mustapha Bello, the Research Analyst, on behalf of the President, indicted DCP Simon Asanber Lough, SAN, ACP Idachaba James C. and “SP Malik D. Taiwo Esq., and also fingered Justice John Tsoho in the conspiracy.

The letter entitled “RE: Intention to thwart investigation: petition against the following police officers: DCP Simon Asanber Lough SAN- Force Headquarter Legal Department on his year of birth, eligibility to enlist into the NPF as at 1987, numbers of years served so far in line with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1979 & 1999 respectively; ACP Idachaba James C. immediate compulsorily retired OC – legal NPF, FCT – Command for forgery of service records; SP Malik D Taiwo Esq. for perjury, misleading Hon. Justice John T. Tsoho, Chief Judge Federal High Court Headquarters Abuja: in a case CR/FHC/ 129/15 Inspector General of Police vs Martins Ugwu an urgent call for investigation, reads:

“The above-named police officers are involved in a heavy conspiracy in order to keep our Field agent DR George D. Davidson out of circulation simply because the officers perceived he might be the one behind the exposure of the following atrocities committed in the Nigerian Police Force, still the chief Judge, Federal High court was misled using Malik D Taiwo Esq. for the dirty job.


Petitions were previously written to the appropriate authorities (The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, IGP -NPF, DG- DSS, AGF etc.) for necessary action (s) against the above officers for falsification Forgery of their Records of service in the Nigerian Police Force and the authorities are doing the needful on each of the above officers already.

Unfortunately, in their bid to cover their crimes, subvert the investigation, they believed that is only when our agent (Dr George Davidson) is incarcerated that they will properly suppress their crimes (forgeries of service records).

As we speak, they conspired, went to the extent of misleading his lordship, Hon. Justice John Terhemba Tsoho, Chief Judge Federal High court to detain our agent who never authored any of the Petitions they alleged him of.

They choose to use SP Malik D Taiwo Esq. to institute frivolous Motions to revoke the bail of our Field agent DR George D. Davidson who is currently remanded in Kuje Prison Custody because of the misleading information to Justice John Terhemba Tsoho, a kinsman of DCP Simon Asember Lough-San.

Below are the details the alleged crimes of the above officers for your perusal:

1. DCP Simon Asanber Lough SAN (NPF) is said to have the following particulars currently as made available by his colleagues:

1.Date of Birth: 14 May, 1969
2.Enlisted in NPF: January 8, 1987
3.Force Number:57917
4.SAN: October 2021
5.14 May,1969-Jan.1987=17years +4 months meaning less than 21years as at 1987 January based on the Constitution in force as at the time of enrollment into the NPF 1987 and definition of Age and Legal Capacity status in line with 1979 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria then.
6.1987-2023= 36years
7. Then Section 29(4)(a) of 1999 constitution says 18 years is Full Age or Legal Capacity.

In line with the sighted Constitutions in force mentioned above at the respective time, we ask the following questions begging for answers:

1. What does the Civil Service Rules say about who should Enlist into the Service on AGE for Eligibility as at 1987 in line with the Constitution of 1979 and 1999 and how does it apply to the above-mentioned legal luminary in terms of Eligibility to enroll under aged or over aged as at 1987?

2. What is the Age for enlistment and retirement as Stipulated by the 1999 constitution and Civil Service Rules, and the numbers of years one can serve in the Civil Service?

This officer is ordinarily saddled with the responsibilities to ensure that Justice is adequately served on Nigerian but for us we want the above questions begging for answers be answered to enable us have full assurances of the integrity and personality of who we are dealing with hence.

Ordinarily, we would have waved this intelligence supplied to us by his subordinates but with the revelations we got from the recently exposed OC- Legal Unit FCT, Mr Idachaba James C., who peddles and falsify his service records just to stay in the service, we have no choice than to call the investigation of the above officer.

More also is coming from his immediate subordinates.

Mr Idachaba James C, the immediate past compulsorily Retired police officer in charge of FCT Command Legal unit and SP Malik Taiwo can confirm this fact if they can still be bold as usual.

We pray the NSA, Chairman Police Service Commission and IGP-NPF to investigate the legal luminary to ascertain all tendered documents as at the time of enlistment in 1987 before he became a lawyer while in the service as a constable and called to Barr as a lawyer at about the 2000.

Dear NSA sir, we are very much aware of the proactivity of the current Inspector General of the Nigerian Police. We are not unmindful of his numerous engagements nationally. He is a straight forward independent minded person. We are mindful that investigation is usually bottom- top approach ordinarily.

We are politely requesting that a case of National Security threat to the entire Legal enclave of the Nigerian Police should not be jettison due to personal relationship of the suspect and his colleagues. We pray for a transparent chain of Investigation devoid of interference or suppression. We have reasonable grounds and previous antecedents on similar cases.

We are not ignorant of a cover up plan by a particular person who has strong influence within the circle of the investigators.

There was an illegal judgement procured by Simon Lough and of which there are only two of them that currently benefit from the procured judgement. Simon Lough handled that case file and ensured it was not appealed. That Judgement is not in consonance with the Constitution of our land.

Ordinarily, Simon Lough ought to be on administrative suspension while the investigation continues, but as we speak, he is lobbying to be the CP – Legal of the entire Nigerian Police Force. We just wonder the legacy intended when officers procured judgement that is not in tune with our constitution and want to permanently remain in public offices.

A recent incident is that of the compulsorily retired OC- legal FCT Command in the name of Mr Idachaba James C, and to return 8 years salaries. Find attached the Police wireless signal marked B’ as availed us by another police prosecutor.

We pray your noble office will do a discreet investigation into the entire complaints. We further pray your office to oversee the day-to-day investigation to prevent any cover up. We are aware that many police officers are in these habits of staying longer in service against the Public Service Rules.

The IGP -Monitoring Unit is currently handling the case. The IPO is the Head IGP-Monitoring unit.

2. ACP Idachaba James C Petition was submitted on him in 2022 for selling high profile cases to the highest bidder and also , that he has spent over 47years in the service of the Nigerian Police Force which is against the Public Service Rules.

Please find attached CTC of investigation Report by the IGP-MONITORING unit which confirmed even beyond our petition that ACP Idachaba James was in service of the Nigerian Police Force for 48 years and to Compulsorily retired and refund 8 years salaries earned from his forgery’s activities.

Find attached the NPF WIRELESS MESSAGE ON the action taken by the police Service Commission as a result of our petition marked “A”. Also find attached the Investigation Report by the IGP-MONITORING unit and marked B”.

We wondered how the honorable Chief Judge Federal High court Hon justice John Terhemba Tsoho would still hold that the petition against law officers are malicious with the avalanche of evidence even though not authored by our Field Agent Dr George D. Davidson who is currently been held in custody for what he knows little about.

3. SP Malik D Taiwo Esq.: He is the lawyer the above 1 & 2 are using to hunt down our agent over an already existing case before Hon Justice John Terhemba Tsoho since 2015. Malik D Taiwo Esq. was instructed by the above officers “superiors”, to ensure our agent is kept in custody of Kuje prison. Malik Taiwo lied in the affidavit that Idachaba, James is a witness in the case before Justice John Terhemba Tsoho., A huge false statement for a drowning save his drowning colleagues.

In the fact of the statement, he said Idachaba James is his supervisor and a witness. These are false statements, malicious and biased because the prosecution long closed their case [and] defence is ongoing, since 2015; there was never a time issue of threat or intimidation of prosecution witness(s) was ever mentioned. In the list of witnesses before the court, never was Idachaba James mentioned as a witness. Find attached list of witnesses.

Malik D Taiwo Esq is a prosecutor with the FIB-FCCIID of the Nigerian Police Force while Idachaba James was the OC – Legal FCT-Command.

We were shocked that Malik Taiwo lied on oath before Hon Justice John Terhemba Tsoho Chief Judge Federal High court and [is] still having his ways before his lordship. Malik Taiwo bragged about how our agent will remain forever in prison custody because the Chief Judge Federal High court is a kinsman to DCP Simon Asember Lough, SAN. “That DCP Simon Asember Lough-SAN has arranged with the chief Judge Federal High court already”. We don’t want to believe these claims but do not take it for granted either.

Find attached the Motion on Notice where Malik Taiwo committed the act of Perjury, marked “C”. Still, we are surprised how he is having his way before Hon. Justice John Terhemba Tsoho Chief Judge Federal High Abuja.

Injustice to one is Injustice to all. We pray you use your Noble office to get to the root of this case and call the erring party to order and prosecution.

We pray our Field Agent Dr. George Davidson be released without further delay as he is innocent of the allegations of intimidating any law officer(s). He has never jumped bail. He is facing his prosecution diligently if not for this distraction from the above police officers.”

The letter was copied to the Hon Minister Police Affairs, the Inspector General of Police, the Chairman of Police Service Commission, the Director General of the Department of State Security (DSS), the Hon Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Hon Justice John Terhemba Tsoho, Chief Judge Federal High court, Headquarters, Abuja, the Body of Benchers, the Chairman Legal Practitioner Disciplinary Committee (LPDC) and several media local and international outfits. Read more.


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