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Where is Peter Obi? By Valentine Obienyem

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peter obiI received many calls in the last three days. Some of the callers were sure that Obi’s name was on the Ministerial list. These sentiments were more wishes than reality. 

I replied all the texts debunking that as false news. I know how Nigeria works, one of those we fondly call e-rats could have planted such a false news so that in the end they will go to town that Peter Obi [pictured] lobbied to be made a Minister and failed. 

They will then use him as a butt for dinner jollity since such news electrifies their kingdom and takes them to the ninth heaven.

For the avoidance of doubt, Obi has received countless invitations to join boards of many companies. 

What he does now- till the first quarter of next year (2016) is attending one leadership course or another preparatory to re-joining the corporate world. 

As I write, he is in one top European University inhaling cold and exhaling wisdom. 

I am astonished at the sheer number of blue chip companies that are courting his friendship. 

Most of them believe that as the only former Governor that cleared arrears of pension and gratuities, out-performed others in execution of projects, did not borrow money or raised bonds and in the end left a fortune of 75billion Naira ( cash and investment) for Anambra State, that they need him to replicate such incredible financial wizardry.  

They are surprised that some States in Nigeria and countries of the world borrowed money from Anambra State under Obi. What do I mean? We bought their bonds!

Another text messages I receive are from people seeking clarification on what Ikenna Ezenekwe was said to have published. (They were surprised they were the ones to tell me what he wrote for I do not visit his site.)

They said he accused Obi of stealing billions (aided by a Bishop). My reply was to laugh it off. If after all he did in Anambra, without raising bonds or borrowing money (leaving 75 billion Naira), he still had billions to steal, it means other former Governors must have stolen trillions. 

You will agree that he wrote under wrong influence. Ask those who had experienced family problem before and they will tell you how mentally destabilizing it is. Please as Odogwu solicited, let us all join in prayers for God to grant the Ezenekwes deeper understanding.

To make matters clearer, e-rats, EAs, SAs and SSAs are the ones circulating the falsehood.

Valentine Obienyem

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