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What Is Killing The Nigerian Ambassadors “Before” Their Time?

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adefuyeFirst, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru, former Minister of Foreign Affairs died mysteriously in South Africa on my birthday, November 29, 2014. He died at age 66. And today

(yesterday if you are in Nigeria) Ambassador Ade Adefuye died mysteriously in the US, just few weeks to his his return to Nigeria, and few days to the refiling of my lawsuit against him in Washington DC. He died at age of 67.

What do these two Ambassadors have in common, apart from their untimely death? They stole 27 million dollars that I, Emeka Ugwuonye, realised for the Government of Nigeria in Washington in 2007. To divert attention from their crime, they started a nasty falsehood against me, claiming that I did not return some 1.5 million dollars of the money. Then they paid Sahara Reporters to attack me, which has led to many false stories about me on the internet. These two Ambassadors also conspired with Farida Waziri of the EFCC and others to destroy me by kidnapping me and placing me in detention while I was visiting Nigeria in 2011.

Anyway, I do not want to sound as if I am happy to see them dead. On the contrary, I am disappointed that Adefuye died today. I am due to be in the US next week for one main purpose, apart from seeing my children back to school after summer. That purpose is to be in Washington to witness the re-filing of my lawsuit against Ambassador Adefuye for the abuse of my fundamental rights.

If you recalled, in 2013, I had tried to initiate a lawsuit against the Ambassador under the Alien Tort Claims act and the Torture Victim Protection Act in Washington. However, the power of incumbency was too much against me. I was spread too thin and the Ambassador was going to use again the might of the Federal Government to fight me in Washington. I had to beat a tactical retreat. Since the law gave me a ten year statute of limitation, I had until 2022 to bring Adefuye to face justice.

Last month, the President of Nigeria terminated Adefuye’s position as an Ambassador. I knew that Adefuye was due to return to Nigeria sometime this year. Other Ambassadors normally would be back in Nigeria within 45 days of their recall. But I knew that Adefuye would not come back to Nigeria that soon. Of all other Nigerian Ambassadors, Adefuye was probably the most corrupt. He had tried to create all kinds of tentacles and shady deals in the US, which would naturally hold him back.

Secondly, Adefuye knew that there was still a pending investigation regarding the 27 million dollars he stole in Washington and blamed it on me. He knew that the investigation would be pursued more vigorously by Buhari’s administration. He really was not in a hurry to return to Nigeria where he would face this investigation.

His delays in leaving Washington seemed to work in my favour as well. I wanted him to tally in Washington so that my lawyers would be able to serve him papers and he would face the music against me in the Washington court. Indeed, Adefuye really had tough options. If he returned to Nigeria, I was waiting for him to fight him and he would face probe. If he stayed in Washington, he should prepare to face me there and he would not have any immunities, having ceased to be the Ambassador.

All this heavy weight of choice and burden of nemesis must have bogged him down. God had a different plan. God is supreme. You can plan all you want. God will decide and He does not need your opinion. God said my lawsuit and my wars were not necessary anymore. And God did not even consult me before He ended my battle against Adefuye.

While I shall now leave my fight with Adefuye in the hand of God, I must again state that I do not rejoice that my enemy died early. I would have preferred him to live long enough to beg for my mercy. As a human being, I think like a human being, an not like God.

Talking of my enemies, did you not see what is going on with the EFCC? They colluded against me, remember? They took bribe in order to destroy me. And wow! The weight of the same bribe they have been taking to destroy people is now about to crush them. And where is Farida Waziri? That lady must have been in hiding awaiting her own fate. But let the will of God be done! I never said this before on a matter of justice. but let it be done. God has surprised me enough that I must leave Adefuye and Farida Waziri now in His hands.

By the way, when Ambassador Ashiru died in South Africa, I recommended that he be buried in South Africa, to keep him away from Nigeria forever. Now that Adefuye died in America, I similarly recommend that he be buried in America to keep him permanently away from Nigeria.

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