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West African Health Organization 9 Positions for Recruitment


ecowasThe West African Health Organization (WAHO) hereby announces that it is recruiting 9 consultants for the following positions:

i.      one (1) Accountant AMI_Accountant

ii. one (1) Communication Advocacy Knowledge Management Specialist AMI_ Communication Advocacy Knowledge Management Specialist

iii. one (1) Financial Management Specialist AMI_Financial Management Specialist

iv. one (1) Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist AMI_ M&E Specialist

v. one (1) Procurement Specialist AMI_ProcurementSpecialist

vi. one (1) Coordinator, Project Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases in the Sahel (MNT) AMI SM NTD Project Coordinator

vii. one (1) Coordinator, Project for Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend the Sahel (SWEDD) AMI SWEDD Project Coordinator

viii. one (1) Coordinator, Regional Monitoring Capacity Building Project Diseases and Response to Epidemics in West Africa (WARDS)AMI_WARDS_Project_Coordinator

ix. one (1) Project Management Unit Coordinator AMI_ProjectManagementUnit_Coordinator

Date: 15/09/2015 – 15/10/2015 

Venue: WAHO/OOAS, 

City: Bobodioulasso 

Country: Burkina Faso 


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