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We the south-south are indebted to the Igbos

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igbosI strongly believe that we the south-south people are indebted to the people of south-east (Igbos). We owe them love and support as long as this British zoo called

Nigeria is concerned.

First, we betrayed them during the civil war. A crucial moment that they trusted us most, but we supported the enemies because, we thought we were better off with the Gambari parasites, little did we know we were digging our grave. We watched the enemies (Gambaris) devoured our brothers; then we collected their properties on our land.

I believe that was a mistake that has been forgiven by our kind brothers in the east, but we don’t need to make such mistake again, we must always stand on the same page with our Igbo brothers, no matter what.

No doubt these Gambari parasites hate us the south-south people, but if they want to execute that hatred, they channel it to the Igbos because they don’t see any difference between the south-south and south-east. So why can’t we show our big brothers that have been receiving the Gambari spears for us, so much love?

Apart from the physical violence they face on our behalf, the rest part of the country that never liked GEJ now transfer the hate to the Igbos, simply because they supported our son that they also see as their own.

You can imagine Buhari managing to give 7 appointments to the south, 4 from south-west, 3 from south-south and none from south-east, this explains how our Igbo brothers are paying for loving us.

I am from Ogoni in Rivers state, and my language is not in any way related to Igbo language like some part of Rivers, but each time I put up a post that is not favourable to APC or Hausa/Fulanis, they just start attacking the Igbos, not minding that I am from Ogoni and not Igbo, that is the kind of thing I am talking about. 

It is a crime against ourselves to hate or betray the Igbos again. Each time I see or hear my people speak ill of the Igbos, I weep. It makes me feel we are still not wise to know our true brothers.

Tryano Tsunami’s piece was published by Michael Faraday Michael via Facebook

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